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Kedma for Social & Educational Equality in Israel

לעלון בעברית                                                                                    July, 2015

Dear Friends,

Summer vacation started and we wish all of the teachers a good and enjoyable vacation. In these days of expected changes and uncertainties, with the election of a new Education Minister, we are happy to share with you, in a nutshell, a few of the school year events that took place in Kedma and Neveh Hof schools.

Kedma School was awarded the National Education Prize by the Minister of Education

Michal Hadad, Principal of Kedma School receives the National Education Prize certificate from the Minister of Education – Mr. Naftali Bennett, Director-General of the Ministry of Education – Ms. Michal Cohen, Head of Jerusalem Education Administration – Mr. Meir Shimoni, and Head of Jerusalem Education Administration, Western Region – Ms. Sarah Evron.

Kedma School staff, members of Kedma Association, Ms. Chava Bar Tur - Head of High Schools Division in the Ministry of Education, Ms. Aliza Mandel -  Jerusalem region High Schools Supervisor.

Kedma School was amongst five Israeli High Schools that received the National Education Prize for the this school year. The awards ceremony was held in Yad Ben Zvi, Jerusalem, at July 7th 2015.

The Prize Committee's reasons for selecting Kedma High School:

"For the school being a beacon of culture and education by encouraging dialogue in the neighborhood's heart, a house of education that is authentically connected to the surrounding societal circles; for placing a high standard to all students and constant encouragement for success in all respects.

For the creation of a new and fresh educational language that fully shares and deepens all partners in the process: mentors, teachers, students and parents; for the empowerment of the school staff and the investment in its professional and personal development.

For handing students educational responsibility and giving meaning to their place in society; for a variety of activities and contents designed to enhance educational practice at all levels and all circles of belonging:  student, classroom, family and community."

Success Fair' at Neveh Hof School'

Towards the end of the school year, a 'success fair' was held in Neveh Hof Elementary School, located in Rishon Le'Zion. According to Clara Yona-Meshumar, the school principal, "the successes fair is an opportunity to show and share with the school community projects that are on the one hand, connected to the curriculum, and on the other hand building a unique point of view and new structures of knowledge from the basis of exploration and curiosity, initiative and creativity, cooperation and partnership."

The fair included joint activities with parents in the classrooms, presentation of the projects in the school's hallways and the publishing of the first school newspaper that was written jointly by students and teachers. Among the results of the fair were: 'Buds of Hope' project (sixth grade), producing a 'Discovery of the World' book, (second grade), 'Young Writers' project (first grade), 'Leadership and Sports' project (fifth and sixth grades), producing 'Gramma's Stories' book, (fourth grade), Cinema studies and Movie Making (fifth grade), 'Road Signs in our Neighborhood (third grade), Give & Take market with neighborhood's residents, the creation of a Community Garden, etc.

'Dreaming Foward' in the Knesset Channel

Tenth grade Kedma students participated in 10 Media and Politics sessions. The sessions took place at the studios of the Knesset (Israeli national legislature) Channel. The students experienced a variety of production roles including  - Director, Cameraman and Interviewer. The opportunity to take part in media production was an enriching learning experience for them.

The Chain of Education: Kedma's graduate helps Neveh Hof students

Ariel Bachar, a Graduate of Kedma's 2006 class and an Economy and Agricultural Managing student at the Agricultural Faculty in Rehovot, volunteered this year at Neveh Hof School and arrived every week to teach students math lessons.

This April, educational staffs from both Kedma and Neveh Hof Schools met for the first time. They shared learning experiences, dreams they wish to fulfill in their schools and a joint social learning session towards the upcoming holiday of Shavout.  

five most requested activities in our newsletter to the teachers

A list of the five most popular activities in our newsletter to the teachers in the passing school year.

The activities were selected based on site traffic, views and link hits.

In Kedma Association we believe that equal education is a basic social right, a fundamental condition for bridging gaps and establishing a society based on the principles of justice and equality.

The educational approch of Kedma is based on a deep faith in the power of education to change the lives of students, families and communities. Along with a unique pedagogical perspective, it includes empowerment, love, modeling, critical thinking, moral education, civic and community involvement - all are reflected through the school's ethos, curricula, social education hours, the dialogue between teachers and students, and in all school activities.


Kedma Association team

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