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How do we manage Jerusalem in light of the unabating violence in the city and the enduring political stalemate at its root?  Ir Amim’s latest policy paper, Jerusalem: Present Home and Future Capital of Two Peoples,” responds to that question with concrete recommendations for how to stabilize the city and prepare the ground for a more permanent political solution.

The public discourse in Israel has recently been saturated with proposals outlining unilateral Israeli steps for separation of Palestinian neighborhoods from Jerusalem.  In addition to generating proactive recommendations for managing the city, Ir Amim explains the danger of unilateral Israeli steps – how they will inflame the current situation and make a political agreement on the city even more elusive.  

It’s time to move an alternative framework into the public discourse – one that is grounded not in fear and anxiety but in a recognition of the city’s rich human potential:

The management of Jerusalem in the absence of and toward a political agreement must be based on the understanding that the city is the home of two peoples. Both peoples have profound attachments to the city and both will continue to live side by side under any future political constellation. This complicated relationship provides the background to ongoing tensions in the city and to the outbreak of serious violence when national tensions rise. This situation also constitutes the foundation for delicate balances that have enabled and continue to support the city’s ability to function up to this point. It is vital to reinforce these balances in order to improve conditions of daily life and to elevate hope for all the residents of the city and the residents of East Jerusalem in particular. 


Click here for Ir Amim’s recommendations on how to implement that vision.



Building, Construction and Settlement Monitoring Report – 2015

Ir Amim’s recently issued building, construction and settlement monitoring report shows that while the number of approvals and tenders issued in East Jerusalem last year was significantly lower than in previous years, construction related to previously approved plans continued and another alarming trend is gaining momentum.

In 2015, there was an unprecedented number of seizures of Palestinian properties in the Old City and Historic Basin by private settler associations –working with the support of state bodies –and evictions of Palestinian families. Eighteen Palestinian families were evicted from their homes: 17 in the Batan al-Hawa neighborhood of Silwan, and one in the Old City, and roughly 100 more are at risk.

Read the full Ir Amim report here.


Ir Amim Launches its New Website

We are very pleased to roll out our new English language website,, a rich resource for anyone looking to improve their understanding of the complex issues associated with Jerusalem’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The site includes our invaluable Resource Center, with easy search capability, for access to Ir Amim’s informative reports and policy papers, and a diverse selection of Ir Amim op-eds, media mentions, maps and videos. Use our suggested keywords as a helpful search aid. And give us a shout if you need help:

You can also go on our site to register for study tours, view our interactive map, learn about the main political issues and read blog posts and past newsletters. See the human side of East Jerusalem in our online photo documentary, 37% - Stories from East Jerusalem.

Enjoy the browsing, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

To view the home page of the new website, click here.


Young Voices from Jerusalem –Conference and New Issue of Palestine-Israel Journal

Ir Amim featured prominently in a December 21 kick-off event for Palestine-Israel Journal’s special issue, “Young Voices in Jerusalem,”  contrasting Palestinian and Israeli perceptions of the Jerusalem reality. Click here for a description of the event, and see here for a roundtable discussion on ways of improving the situation in the city, from the latest PIJ issue.

Survey of Civil Society Activists

In a survey of leading civil society activists from West Jerusalem, a majority of respondents viewed Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem as an integral part of the city, and agreed that the Jerusalem Municipality should divide the city’s education and welfare budgets equally among all residents. Almost all the activists said that the Municipality should work to improve socioeconomic conditions in East Jerusalem. For more about the survey, see here.



Yudith Oppenheimer, Ir Amim’s Executive Director: “What is presented as separation of Israelis from Palestinians is in effect separation of Palestinians from Palestinians in Jerusalem for the purpose of establishing further facts on the ground.” 


Ir Amim’s Oshrat Maimon: Attempts to impose Israeli curriculum on EJ schools will merely “increase the tension of life in the city and undermine the rights of the Palestinian community.”


Ir Amim monitors mounting evictions of Palestinians from their homes in the Old City.

New York Times,



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Ir Amim works to inspire an informed public discourse on political issues related to Jerusalem, and to promote conditions for a more equitable Jerusalem today and towards a future, agreed-upon political resolution. We reach out to the general public in Israel and to our friends abroad by means of tours, lectures, press reports, social media activity, media campaigns and more.

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