Gold Forecast Based On Our State-Of-The Art Predictive Algorithm
- February  21th, 2017 -
Recent Gold - Prediction Performance
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Daily Commodities Forecast By Using AI Algorithms: Today's Top Commodities
1. I Know First's algorithm produced a month long top commodities prediction based on machine learning covering the month ending February 15. The package averaged a return of 3.70%  with an accuracy rate of 90%. GDX was the top earner, bringing in 9.63% to investors. 

2. The year-long commodities outlook based on I Know First's self-learning algorithm showed a strong average return of 26.27% and 80% accuracy. The top performing commodity was B1, earning 88.62% for investors.

3. The month-long forecast for gold and oil based on artificial intelligence showed a highest return of 4.79% from XAG with the package averaging 1.35% as well. The forecast showed a 80% accuracy rate for the algorithm.

4. This 14 day gold outlook shows 100% accuracy. The package brought in an average return of 4.84% for investors. The top earner was XAG, increasing by 6.84% over the course of the 2 weeks.

Analyst Daniel Hai shares his strategy for trading CL1 futures' signals using the United States Oil Fund (NYSEARCA: USO). This strategy has an annual return of 55% (un-leveraged) and includes a clear analysis of trading with or without the I Know First algorithmic signals. The signals increase investors' returns, reduce risk, and significantly outperforms traditional fundamental forecasting methods. 
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Gold News Highlights
  • Gold rose 0.3%
  • News of potential interest rate hikes didn't bring gold down
  • Indian gold imports fell
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