Dear Friends: 

The demand for Ir Amim’s alternative tours of East Jerusalem more than doubled in March, with requests for 30 tours in a single month.  That’s above and beyond the public tours we hold every Friday.  These numbers speak to the sustained public appetite – despite tensions in the city – to learn more about Jerusalem and its role in the Conflict.  

For an Israeli NGO whose very goal is to raise the level of public discourse on Jerusalem – to challenge the venerated myths that stifle real exchange and raise the veil on developments that further complicate the Conflict – these tours are the life-blood of our work.  Since 2000, Ir Amim has taken more than 35,000 people – mostly Israelis – on alternative tours of East Jerusalem to demonstrate how increasing settlement and Palestinian displacement are literally taking the ground out from under a two-state solution. And how working with Ir Amim to push back against those trends is imperative to saving it. 

“We are a group of young women and men who live in Jerusalem, and until the tour we wrongly believed that we deeply understood the essence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We thought we knew the history of Jerusalem, and the magic in this wonderful city. That was true until we met the wonderful tour guide who led the tour last Friday. We were amazed to hear what was new information for us, and information from such an important perspective. We were left speechless from what he showed us.”

(participants of an Ir Amim tour in 2016)

 We need your help to keep Ir Amim’s tours accessible for young adults and educators from across Israel. 

Ir Amim’s tours are a primary tool for activating constituencies for peace, especially among growing numbers of young adults, students, mechinot (pre-army preparatory programs), young leaders and educators who continue to call on us for our internationally recognized tours. This year, declared “Jerusalem Year” by Israel’s Minister of Education, Naftali Bennet, it is particularly crucial that educators and young adults receive a balanced perspective on the city that respects the multiple narratives of its residents, both Palestinian and Israeli, and exposes the dire implications of policies that undermine a political resolution on the city. 

Please help Ir Amim ensure all young Israelis have access to our alternative tours of East Jerusalem: 

  • $50 will cover the printing costs for 3 tours worth of Ir Amim’s trademark map of East Jerusalem
  • $100 will pay for a lecture on East Jerusalem
  • $360 covers the costs of a tour for 20 people
  • $450 will allow a group of 50 to tour East Jerusalem with Ir Amim 

Of course any contribution will help us meet the growing need in lead-up to Pesach and Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day).  Every year, Ir Amim offers a special week of Pesach tours highlighting hot spot issues in the city. We proceed to hold alternative events on Jerusalem Day – Israel’s annual day of celebration marking the reunification of the city – that provide a critical platform for generating dialogue about what must happen to preserve Jerusalem as the home of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples and the future capital of their respective nations. 

This year, all of these teaching moments will emphasize dynamics in the city during this 50th year since Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem and occupation of the West Bank. Please help us meet the anticipated sustained jump in demand during this landmark year to ensure that anyone who has the curiosity to learn more about the realities of life in East Jerusalem – and its impact on peace – can afford to come on an Ir Amim tour.

Click here or on the button below to make a donation of $50 or more to Ir Amim (or see our website for check and bank transfer options).



With gratitude from all of us at Ir Amim for your continued interest and support, and best holiday wishes.


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