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- April 09, 2017 -
Top 10 Undervalued Stocks Based on Self- Learning Algorithm + Apple Stock Forecast For 2nd Quarter 2016 ➨
Top Algorithmic Successes
Stock-Picking Algorithm: Today's Top 20 Stocks + The Most Updated Forecast For AAPL, PLUG, AMZN, TSLA, C, AMD, NVDA, NFLX, JPM➨
Apple Stock Forecast For This Week ❯❯
1. Over 900% Retun in 1 Year
Top Algorithmic Predictions Yield 138.53% In 1 Year This past week's top forecast came from this Energy Stocks Forecast. The highest return came from CWEI at almost 908.30%, and the forecast had an overall average of 138.53%. Additional high returns came from this Risk-Conscious - Aggressive Stocks Forecast forecast with returns reaching 504.35% in 1 Year. Investors looking for exposure to a basket of stocks, had returns reaching as high as 362.36% from this Transportation Stocks Forecast.
2. 3 Day Forecasts Yielding 36.76%
In its given 3 Days time period, the Pharma Stocks Forecast revealed the top performing stock as IPXL with a return of 36.76%. The Energy Stocks Forecast correctly picking a long position for CIE, which yielded 27.82%. The I Know First's algorithm also successfully selected long positions in the Top 5 Stocks Forecast for FNSR and CHK. Both which also achieved growth with a return of 8.05% and 5.72%, respectively.
3. Best Stocks To Buy Yield Over 39% In 7 Days Using Genetic Algorithms
I Know First's 7 Days portfolio posted positive returns. The highest yield came from the Energy Stocks Forecast yielding PLUG, returning 39.04%. OMER yielded 23.20% from the Fundamental - High Short Ratio Stocks Forecast and SHLD resulted in a 23.20% return. The 2 highest yielding stocks from Top 5 Stocks came from AKRX posting 23.63% return and FMC at 8.12%.
4. 2 Weeks Double Digit Growth
I Know First's AI-based algorithm had forecasted a 89.08% return from PLUG with this Energy Stocks forecast. The forecast had an overall return of 12.31%, achieving a market premium of 11.93%. Furthermore, this Stocks Under 5 Dollars forecast gave investors returns up to 78.33% in 14 Days, and an overall average of 10.08%. Those seeking to track how the management of a firm buy or sell their own stock, were able to achieve almost a 9.18% overall average from this Insiders Stocks .
Stock Forecast Based On AI : Top 20 Stocks For This Week ❯❯
5. Overall average return exceeds 10% in 1 Month
1 Month Predictions Yield Almost 10.73% average return. Investors were able to reach, in 1 Month, a 32.22% return from DVAX in the Stocks Under 5 Dollars forecast. The forecast had an overall average of 10.73%, reaching an alpha above the S&P 500 Index by -0.04. Additional high 1 Month returns came from this Insiders Stocks, which had an overall average of 8.37% and returns up to 38.49%.
6. Surpassing 125% Return in 3 Months
Investors Achieve Over 125% Return In 3 Months With a 100% accuracy, 9 out 10 had achieved returns over 38.37% in this Fundamental - Low Short Ratio Stocks. The highest return was at 188.89% and the forecast had an overall average 38.37%. Additionally, this By Country - Israeli Stocks had returns reach 188.89% from PLX. I Know First's AI-based algorithm had forecasted returns over 89% and an overall average of 22.08% from this Tech Stocks Forecast.
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Micron's stock has been a reflection of the average prices of DRAM and NAND Flash Modules. Until June 2016, unit prices were declining as were revenue. However, as module prices incrased, so did the company's revenue growth. Since the forecast's release on Sepetember 2, 2016, the stock has incresed by 71.36%.

As the holiday season for 2016 approached, there were reasons to be bullish on Apple. Samsung recalled its galaxy Note 7, and Apple stood to benefit from expected increase in global iPhone Sales, especially in China. On October 30, 2016, I Know First wrote a bullish article on Apple. Since the forecast, the stock has increased by 26%.

Plug Power may have lost its steam in the past, but its future still has potential. With large companies, such as Carrefour, continuing to invest in the technology, I Know First remained bullish in the stock’s forecast. Since October 9, 2016, the stock has increased by 21.56%.

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AI-based Systematic Trading Strategies (S&P 500 Stocks) – Suitable For Mutual Funds And Other Investment Vehicles


As a continuation of our back-test report series, previously focused on daily trading, recent developments on the utilization of I Know First’s AI-based forecasting signals for less frequent systematic trading are presented in this article. These are highly performing and scalable strategies, average holding period of 4.5 to 30 days, that are suitable for mutual fund products and other investment vehicles.

Stock Predictions: Short Term Trading

The following back test results of four strategies in this context are given for the S&P 500 stocks universe since the beginning of 2016. At most 20 highest ranked stocks per day (if available) are traded in each case, the equity lines represent the values of corresponding equally weighted and daily rebalanced baskets of stocks, set up to outperform the broader unvierse.

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