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- April 23th, 2017 -
Top Algorithmic Successes
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1. 1 Year Forecast Results in over 300% Return
Top Algorithmic Predictions Yield 80.92% In 1 Year This past week's top forecast came from this Stocks Under 5 Dollars with a 9 out of 10 accuracy. The highest return came from GOL at almost 317.69%, and the forecast had an overall average of 80.92%. Additional high returns came from this Transportation Stocks forecast with returns reaching 329.6%1 in 1 Year. Investors looking for exposure to a basket of stocks, had returns reaching upt to 207% from INVE in this Risk-Conscious - Aggressive Stocks Forecast.

2. 3 Day Forecasts Yielding 37.78%
In its given 3 Days time period, the Small Cap Stocks Forecast and the Fundamental - High Short Ratio Stocks Forecast revealed the top performing stock as VHC with a return of 37.78%.  The I Know First's algorithm also successfully selected long positions in the Insiders Stocks Forecast for RMTI and GNC.  Both which also achieved growth with a return of 22.39% and 13.81%, respectively.

3. Best Stocks To Buy Yield Over 20% In 7 Days Using Genetic Algorithms
I Know First's 7 Days portfolio posted positive returns. The highest yield came from the 52 Week Low Stocks Forecast for the stock: GNC, with a return of 20.77%. OMER yielded 23.20% from the 52 Week High Stocks Forecast and ALSK resulted in a 16.74% return. The highest yielding stock from the Stocks Under 50 Dollars came from SSYS posting a 14.43% return.
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4. Over 70% Return in 2 Weeks
I Know First's AI-based algorithm had forecasted a 70.45% return from PLUG with this Tech Stocks forecast. The forecast had an overall return of 9.77%, achieving a market premium of 10.48%. Furthermore, the Fundamental - High PEG Stocks forecast gave investors returns up to 37.73% in 14 Days, and an overall average of 5.71%. The HealthCare Stocks forecast was able to achieve up to 15.63% return from XOMA and almost a 5.34% overall forecast return in average.

5. Overall average return exceeds 10% in 1 Month
The 1 Month Predictions Yield up to a 10.77% overall average return. Investors saw the highest return in a 1 month time period from PLUG with a return of 85% from the Energy Stocks forecast.  Also in 1 Month, a 32.22% return from DVAX in the Stocks Under 5 Dollars forecast. The forecast had an overall average of 10.73%. Additional high 1 Month returns came from the Top 10 Stocks, with a its highest return of 47.98% from AKRX.

6. Surpassing 100% Return in 3 Months
This Small Cap Stocks had returns reach 126.09% from PLX. The second highest return was at 84.19% and the Insiders Stocks forecast had an overall average 25.70%.  I Know First's AI-based algorithm had forecasted returns over 80.54% and an overall average of 21.37% from this Computer Indusrty Stocks

7. Swing Trading Strategies for Investment Funds Yield Almost 55% 
I Know First's algorithmic indicators can be used to backtest various short term trading strategies. The top two strategies had yielded Sharpe Ratios above 2.5 and alphas over the SPY of 25% and 23%. Read the full trade report for a more detailed analysis with charts and graphs, depicting a high reward to risk payoff with low Betas and high Sharpe Ratios.

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  1. Although costs have increased and its net margin decreased,  Netflix is expanding aggressively in the international market.  This strategy stands to benefit the company in the long run. Since the article's release on August 28, 2016, the stock has increased by 46.41%. 
  2. Amazon is seeking to expand its operations into other services through Amazon Go and PrimeAir. These factors could contribute the company towards increasing  market share. On December 20, 2016 I Know First wrote a bullish article on the company.  Since the forecast, the stock has increased by 17.3%.
  3.  I Know First praised Microsoft's decision to appoint Satya Nadella as the company's new CEO. He viewed the company's future in cloud infastructure. As a result of this strategy, the shareholders of Microsoft have benefitted greatly. Since writting a bullish article on February 11, 2014, the stock has increased by 81.62%.
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Algorithmic Performance Review & Articles
Algorithmic Trading: Swing Trading Based on Machine learning
Following the development of Dr. Lipa Roitman's understanding of relying on the 5-day simple moving average as a secondary trigger for entry and exit, the I Know First R&D team has developed a complementary model to support his thesis. We tested the model from July 1st  2014 to June 30th 2015, a period of one year.
Using the strategy stock investors made a return of 34%. The strategies annual deviation was 18.17% which results in a Sharpe ratio of 1.77.
Similarly the strategy Interest Rate investors made a return of 40.11%. The strategies annual deviation was 20.33% which results in a Sharpe ratio of 1.87.
With currencies we filter our to G10 pairs and apply a 10x leverage. Here the strategy worked particularly well resulting in a total return of 504%, annual standard deviation of 36.73% and Sharpe ratio of 13.46.

You can find the full report and data & the combined hedge fund stats HERE.
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Routine Algorithmic Performance
I Know First provides retail investorshedge fund managersfamily office managers & financial advisors with tailored algorithmic services. 
10 Stocks to Buy Based On Genetic Algorithms

Upgrade Notes: Introducing the new Algorithmic Strategy Interface

I Know First R&D team is happy to announce that we are now supporting a highly interactive user interface to support your strategy and automate processes. This guide will review some of the new features and how to use them.

Many of our subscribers read the article “I Know First Algorithm Performance Analysis (Part 2)” which discussed how to integrate algorithmic signals with market momentum to lower your risk and maximize your returns. Since then we have released various videos and articles discussing this strategy.

Many implemented it, however were a little deterred by the complexity of it, as it really does require you to follow the price of every recommendation on a daily basis. Our team has tediously been working to integrate a module into excel which would allow you to trade according to the 5-day simple moving average swing model with ease. 

Read More Here

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