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Newsletter    June 2017 

June 1st marked the beginning of a new nationwide project. Every first Thursday of each month, at the busiest hours of the week for travel, WWP is standing at traffic intersections and other public areas throughout the country. Here’s the message we blasted to our FB supporters:

While you’re driving, when you see Women

Wage Peace at one intersection after another, show your

support by waving – and drive on in peace!  We’re out

there to remind everyone: we demand an agreement.

Last week we stood at 110 traffic intersections. On July 6 afternoon, we'll come back to these and other intersections with our Peace placards. For finding your neighboring intersection, contact your local WWP coordinator or Timna 050-5943427. 

20,000 coming up to 100,000 

YES WE CAN reach 100,000 members by the end of the summer. With your help. Imagine the clout we’ll have when we’re 100,000 Israelis strong. Word-of-mouth works: ask your Israeli friends/relatives or expat Israeli friends to join us by sending them this FORM.

Last year at this time we had almost 4,000 members. Our digital team began  the 100,000 Members Campaign in April at 14,500. We're now 20,000 Israeli women and men strong…and growing every day.  

our response to Trump’s visit: Ready for Peace

This one-time, out-of-the-box project came together as quickly as President Trump’s decision to visit here. See us assembling our message on the beach in Jaffa with our own bodies: 1 minute "human sign" video.

International response to the resulting aerial photo, Ready for Peace, was immediate: The Guardian, for example, chose it as one of the day’s ten best photos from around the world. Here in Israel, a stirring letter written jointly by a Jewish and Arab member of WWP was printed in the English version of the Israeli daily, Haaretz: 

We Israeli Women Call on Trump: Help End our Endless Wars


We are Paying Attention: Monitoring the Parliament

Our recently-funded legislative initiative called Samot Lev – literally, "women are paying attention.”  This project complements our connection to the Knesset that began in January via the new Caucus for Women, Peace, and Security.

From now on, we’re paying attention – making sure that our leaders are examining every political option to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; making sure that their words are backed up by deeds; making sure that our own voices are heard and taken into account. A political agreement will come about when the government and the Knesset support and advance it. In order to influence our decision-makers to choose a political agreement as their preferred strategy, WWP’s Government Relations Team has established a network of women (eventually 500 in all) who are paying attention... read more 


Our movement-wide
strategy for 2017

This is one slide from A new detailed document guides us in our decision-making about which actions are most likely to bring us closer to our goal. In terms of outreach, the Strategy Team has identified five groups of women who are normally under-represented in matters of peace and security : Russian-speaking women, Arab-Israeli women, Ethiopian women, women living in the periphery of the country [north and south], and religious women. Our outreach to these communities has begun to bear fruit.

Daniella Hermon:
a woman waging peace

Daniella is known in Dimona as a local leader in social campaigns. Since she joined Women Wage Peace, she has been active in both local events and in discussions about the movement's direction. Daniella sees herself as  a representative of the Right and has firm political opinions, but, like all of us, she is learning to listen to other interpretations of our reality and to accept the diversity of opinions and members.

read more about Daniella.


The Politics of acquaintance

Huda Abu-Arqoub, the Regional Director of ALLMEP [Alliance for Middle East Peace] and aPalestinian resident of Dura near Hebron, has been speaking about the need for hekeirut – acquaintance with the other – at gatherings organized by Women Wage Peace in Jerusalem and Givatayim, where we were hosted by the local branch of WIZO. She will continue these presentations throughout Israel after Ramadan concludes. Without hekeirut, says Huda, the possibility of making peace becomes much more… read more

a taste of what else we’ve been learning and doing

Our young women’s group had its first formal meeting a month ago; they already number over 500 twenty and thirty-something post-Army women. These new members lost no time in joining in, helping WWP at the Menashe Forest Festival where our own Yael Deckelbaum [link to Prayer of the Mothers] sang to a sold-out crowd,  and staffing a shift outside President Rivlin’s residence when he hosted President Trump. ♥♥♥ We brought to a close our two daily shifts outside the Ministry of Defense (in response to the State Comptroller’s report on the government’s conduct of the 2014 Gaza War) after 60 days of sharing our message: There is a diplomatic alternative! 

Every Friday we continue to ride bicycles along the Tel Aviv promenade, talking with passersby, enjoying one another’s company, and exercising all at once. ♥♥♥ The Building a Shared Future project is going on its second year. see information about its upcoming seminars ♥♥♥ We are still creating peace squares in workshops for children and adults throughout the country including in the Bedouin town of Lakia, home of Desert Embroidery, the flagship project of the Association for the Improvement of Women's Status in Bedouin communities. Learn more about Piece for Peace/Quilt Activism HERE .  

Last but not least, we had the opportunity to learn from the distinguished theorist, best-selling author, and professor at New York University School of Law, Carol Gilligan, during her presentations at Ben Gurion University, the Knesset, and in several informal contexts. See Why Women and Why Now? on our website, written after the end of the 2014 Gaza War, about how Gilligan’s ideas connect directly to our actions.

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Ramadan Kareem!
a blessed Ramadan to all our Muslim members and friends!

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