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Newsletter for Israeli English readers    July 2017 

Ride in Peace!


Three Years since

Operation Protective Edge in Gaza

The Time has Come for Peace

July 6 – 18:00-19:30

WOMEN WAGE PEACE demand a political

  agreement at more than 130 junctions throughout Israel!

Join us on the first Thursday of every month

Just an hour and a half – a small effort with tremendous visibility

To find the junction nearest to your place, contact the coordinator for your area or Timna 050-5943427, Ravital 054-4238677.


Journey to Peace    29.9 -10.10.2017

This coming September, tens of thousands of women (and men) will set off on a journey of hope and peace in order to voice our uncompromising demand for a political agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict along with our demand that women take part in the process. The journey will start at Rosh Hashana night and will reach its peak at Sukkot in Hagar and Sarah tent in the desert. We hope you will join us in this ambitious undertaking. The full schedule will be published in the next month.


Join us in the journey for peace. Together we'll make history!


Women of the World are Marching with Us

The success of the March of Hope has inspired many people to invite Yael Deckelbaum to marches and interviews. Two weeks ago she participated in the Women’s March in Cordoba, Spain (see the clip), Zurich and Berlin. Last month she led a march in Munich where women joined her in singing the Prayer of the Mothers (see the clip). When I asked one of the organizers in Cordoba about the aims of their march, since there is no war in Spain, she said that our activities aroused the hope for peace and the need to get up and do something. Organizing the march was her way, along with her friends, to voice their support for our efforts towards peace.

Last but not least, Women Wage Peace has just received the 2017 Luxemburg Peace prize for its for peace activism!

Photo: the women rally in Cordoba

Abigail Szor - a girl waging Peace


Abigail Shore joined the movement during the March of Hope. She just completed her studies in Theater and Acting as well as Jewish Thought at the Thelma Yellin High School. Since the first young Chapter meeting, she has participated in the Peace Train to Beit Shean where she spoke as the representative of the young women’s chapter, and has been working tirelessly and activelly to increase membership in the young women’s chapter; she manages their WhatsApp  group, participates in  "Ride in Peace” and more. All this with a smile! read more about Abigail

Iftar Feast in Lod 


We waged peace during Ramadan at a traditional iftar meal. The event was organized by Women Wage Peace activists in Lod and the surrounding area. Several dozen movement members and friends arrived, bringing delicacies with which to break the fast. When the meal was complete, we were treated to an engaging explanation of the Ramadan traditions and touching words of welcome from municipality and local movement representatives. We forged new and moving connection, building bridges to the community. Thank you to Manar Abu Dahal, who coordinates the Lod activists. She connects and empowers women, while encouraging them to get out of their armchairs.


A selection from June events

On June 12, we attended the Haaretz Israel Conference on Peace 2017    We attended My Peace is Tied to Your Peace - A moving and empowering meeting of women who speak peace    We traveled to Tekoa to meet local women and speak with them about the movement’s objectives      We held a workshop in Haifa entitled Only Love Brings Newness    In Beit Jallah, we presented the movement to young Palestinian and Israeli women and men attending a journalism course offered by the YaLa – Young Leaders movement of young Middle Easterners    We heard a lecture by Elizabeth Tsurkov, Public Policy Coordinator at Gisha and expert researcher, on the situation in Gaza  ♥     
We made mosaics in a Hamsa L’Shalom workshop in Eilat and embroidered patches in Modi’in for WWP’s Piece for Peace project    We held "Chugei Bayit" in Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Hatzor, Kfar Yasif, Otniel and other locations to screen Pray the Devil Back to Hell, a film about the parallel struggle of Liberian women.

Upcoming Events

On Thurs July 6, we will stand at intersections throughout the country and greet drivers with, “Seu L’Shalom [drive for peace]!”

A few places are left for the Building a Shared Future seminar at Beit Berel on July 7-8.  Details: https://goo.gl/t7XRka

On July 8, Women Wage Peace members are invited to see the play Jabotinsky Cabaret in Or Akiva. Further information

We continue with the Samot Lev project to promote contact with MKs. You are welcome to join: http://www.womenwagepeace.org.il/samotlev_contactus/

Yael Dekelbaum and her band will perform at the Tel Aviv Barbi on July 8. for information and tickets: womenwagepeace.smarticket.co.il

The opening of the Nefesh Kawiyeh workshop on July 18 in Lod. The workshop will combine self-defence and dialogue

And screenings of “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” a film about the parallel struggle of Liberian women in Hod Hasharon, Modi’in and Kibbutz Amir.


follow scheduled events (in Hebrew) on WWP website and Facebook


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