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- July 23rd, 2017 -
Top Algorithmic Successes
Which Stock Rose By 39% In the Last 3 Days? ❯❯ Stock Picking Using Artificial Intelligence: DIS, AMD, CSCO, GOOG, NVDA+ 10 Undervalued Stocks + Netflix Stock Forecast After Earnings + AAPL & TSLA Stock Forecasts Before Earnings-Buy or Sell? Buy and Hold Strategy Based on Deep Learning
1. 3 Day Self-Learning Algorithm Stock Forecast Result in Almost 40% Yield
Utilizing I Know First's self-learning algorithm, I Know First successfully provided its subscribers with lucrative investment opportunities in its 3 day forecasts. In the Stocks Under $50 forecast, the highest performing stock pick was NHDY with a return of 22.46% in 3 days. In addition to NHDY, KEM had a notable return of 9.17% yield. The forecast's average of 4.62% surpassed the S&P 500's 3 day return of 1.39%. The Fundamental-High Short Ratio Stocks forecast revealed its stock pick, BONT with am impressive return of 39.12% in just 3 days. DDS also had a high return of 12.53%. In the International Stocks forecast, besides JKS with a return of 21.59%, the bullish forecast also selected BAK with a return of 10.10%

2. 7 Day Stock Pick Forecasts Exceeds its Benchmark Yield
In a just a span of 7 days, I Know First's use of machine learning resulted in high yielding stock picks in its forecasts. In the Risk-Conscious-Aggressive Stocks forecast, the highest performing stock was KEM with an impressive return of 18.41%, in just 7 days. The forecast average had a return of 5.95% compared to the S&P 500's return of 1.99%. In the Stocks Under $20 forecast, the highest performing stock came from KEM. The stock returned investors 18.41%. Another notable stock return was SBS, with a return of 12.80%. The I Know First algorithm unveiled additional undervalued stocks in the Top 10 Stocks forecast with notable returns. NRG and CAR returned investors 14.32% and 10.21%, respectively.

3. 2 Week Stock Forecasts Achieves 100% Accuracy
Within 2 weeks, I Know First subscriber's saw impressive returns. In the Chinese Stock forecast, JKS increased greatly in value by 32.42%. ACH also had a high return of 16.88%. Not only did the forecast achieve a 100% accuracy in its stock forecasts, but the forecast average exceeded its benchmark index. The forecast average reached 11.22% compared to the S&P 500's return of 1.85% in its given time-frame. In the Stocks Under $5 forecast, OZM had a high return of 17.97%. The next highest yielding stock in this forecast was FCEL, with a return of 17.74%. Under the Top 10 Stocks forecast, CAR and CPA were the 2 highest 19.01% and 7.69%, respectively. Finally, the Insiders Stocks forecast selected CAR with a return of 19.01% and FSLR with a return of 16.76%
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4. Utilizing Data Mining Results in High Yield 1 Month Stock Picks
The highest returning stock from the 1 month forecasts listed below was FOLD, with a return reaching as high as 46.45%. The Stocks Under 10 Dollars forecast also listed another high performing stock pick. In 1 month, NVAX increased by 27.59%. The forecast's overall average of 14.92% exceeded the S&P 500's return of 1.52%. Besides FOLD, the Pharma Stocks forecast also had respectable returns from VRX and SRPT. These stocks returned investors 36.12% and 27.92%, respectively. In addition to FOLD, the Fundamental Low-PEG Stocks forecast accurately selected NVAX and RADA with returns of 31.82% and 24.10%, respectively.

5. Which Stock Increased By Nearly 100% in 3 Months?
I Know First forecasts based on artificial intelligence revealed numerous undervalued stocks. Each of the 3 month forecasts selected the same highest returning stock. In the Stocks Under 10 Dollars forecast, IMGN and DVAX had the highest return of 83.95% and 69.37%, respectively.  The I Know First forecast average reached 26.31%, resulting in a market premium of 20.69%. In the Small Cap Stocks forecast, the highest return was also IMGN yielding investors 83.95%, while SYX stock increased by 60.94%. In the Pharma Stocks forecast, the highest performing stock was IMGN with a return of 96.96%. The next highest yielding stock was PTX with a return of 38.08%.

6. 1 Year Forecasts Yields Triple Digit Growth
Data Mining from I Know First's machine learning algorithm selected high yielding stock picks in its given 1 year time-frame. In the Fundamental- High Short Ratio Stocks forecast, the highest returns were KEM and CPA. The stock yielded investors 392.94% and 105.60%, respectively. In the 52 Weeks High Stocks forecast, KEM and TGB had returns of 392.94% and 102.00%, respectively. Finally, in the Transportation Stocks forecast, GOL had an impressive return of 177.07%.
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  1. AMD's launch of Polaris architecture in 2016 has been a great success for AMD. Despite Nvidia having a significant share in the market, AMD has been aggressive competing for market share. Demand for graphic products along with semi-custom sales has improved AMD's financial statements to convince many to reconsider their bearish stance in the company. I Know First published a bullish forecast on December 4, 2016. Since the forecast's release, AMD shares have increased by 62.72%.
  2. Recent deals with Nintendo and Tesla has influenced Nvidia's stock. Nintendo selected Nvidia to provide Nintendo with CPU/GPU chips for its latest gaming system called, Switch. Another landmark agreement was reached with the electric car company, Tesla. With self-driving cars in the works, Nvidia will supply Tesla with Nvidia's Computer Vision to assist the cars for Tesla's Autopilot program. As the popularity for electric cars increase, so will Nvidia's improvement in its financial reporting. I Know First's self-learning algorithm had forecasted a bullish prediction on NVDA shares on November 15, 2016. In accordance with the algorithm's predictions, NVDA shares have risen by 100.98%. 
  3. On May 27, 2016, I Know First's algorithm forecasted a long position for GOOG. Google successfully defended itself from paying a $9.3 billion legal battle with Oracle. The ruling concluded Google used Oracle's 37 Java Application Program Interfaces fairly. With an increasing trend in revenue generated and Google's continued dominance in the smart phone operating system market, Google has been on the rise. Since I Know First released the forecast, the stock has increased by 37.08%. 
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Algorithmic Performance Review & Articles
Algorithmic Trading: Swing Trading Based on Machine learning
Following the development of Dr. Lipa Roitman's understanding of relying on the 5-day simple moving average as a secondary trigger for entry and exit, the I Know First R&D team has developed a complementary model to support his thesis. We tested the model from July 1st  2014 to June 30th 2015, a period of one year.
Using the strategy stock investors made a return of 34%. The strategies annual deviation was 18.17% which results in a Sharpe ratio of 1.77.
Similarly the strategy Interest Rate investors made a return of 40.11%. The strategies annual deviation was 20.33% which results in a Sharpe ratio of 1.87.
With currencies we filter our to G10 pairs and apply a 10x leverage. Here the strategy worked particularly well resulting in a total return of 504%, annual standard deviation of 36.73% and Sharpe ration of 13.46.

You can find the full report and data & the combined hedge fund stats HERE.
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Routine Algorithmic Performance
I Know First provides retail investorshedge fund managersfamily office managers & financial advisors with tailored algorithmic services. 
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Upgrade Notes: Introducing the new Algorithmic Strategy Interface

I Know First R&D team is happy to announce that we are now supporting a highly interactive user interface to support your strategy and automate processes. This guide will review some of the new features and how to use them.

Many of our subscribers read the article “I Know First Algorithm Performance Analysis (Part 2)” which discussed how to integrate algorithmic signals with market momentum to lower your risk and maximize your returns. Since then we have released various videos and articles discussing this strategy.

Many implemented it, however were a little deterred by the complexity of it, as it really does require you to follow the price of every recommendation on a daily basis. Our team has tediously been working to integrate a module into excel which would allow you to trade according to the 5-day simple moving average swing model with ease. 

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