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September 4th, 2017
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Can Walmart & Google Beat Amazon?
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Impressive AI Based Forecast
220.54% Return | 3 Months
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10 Stock Picks for September 2017
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What The Creative Cloud SaaS Market Monopoly Means For You
Creative/design/content creation software-maker Adobe (ADBE) scaled a new all-time high of $152.59 last August 22. I believe ADBE still has a lot of upside potential. I argued last year that Adobe’s invidious status as a monopoly in print/web/mobile design software makes it a long-term winner. My June 2016 thesis still holds true – ADBE remains a strong buy for investors because nothing can compete/threaten Adobe’s most precious jewel, Creative Cloud.
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Should Google Challenge The Adobe SaaS Dominance?
I am long Alphabet. However, I am not going to rate it as a buy right now. Google remains overly-dependent on its advertising business. Google’s cheaper subscription rates for G Suite wasn’t still enough to let it catch-up with Microsoft and Adobe in the enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market. Google is only no.3 in Collaborative SaaS, and it isn’t yet a factor in Other Productivity Enterprise SaaS. Read more.

Why Facebook Is Interested In Competing With Amazon
Facebook (FB) bought Virtual Reality gaming hardware producer Oculus for $2 billion three years ago. It was a strong hint that Facebook really wants to be a vendor of consumer gadgets. Advertising is not going to be Facebook’s sole business. Selling consumer hardware is a small but growing diversification move. Rumor has it that the next product from Facebook is a large-screen video chat gadget called “ Aloha.” It functions like Amazon’s new $229 Echo Show. 
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Artificial Neural Networks Are Helping Decode The Stock Market
Artificial Neural Networks are computing systems modelled after the structure of the neurons in a human brain. This unique assembly of ‘nodes’ allows for a different kind of computing compared to the centralized processing computers that we use in our daily lives. ANNs don’t rely on a central processor, rather they are composed of many smaller, layered, decentralized processing nodes. 
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How Econophysics Can Help Predict Financial Markets
Though many wouldn’t think of the financial market and physicists being much related, Econophysics, a relatively new field of study, is proving how the notions in physics are able to explain phenomenon in the financial market that baffles investors. This combination between physics and finance/economics, allows the business world to better tackle various risks found in finance.
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Dear Readers,

We are excited to announce that I Know First was recently selected as a Fintech Top Three Company in the Robo Advisory Category for the European Fintech Awards. This selection occurred through a voting process conducted by a panel of professionals. This is exciting news for us as it means that both the average consumer and the professional involved in the market trust us and shows that we are poised to have many more upcoming opportunities. It is occurrences such as these that demonstrate that the work we are doing is at the forefront of the financial industry and that investment as we know it will soon be undergoing transformation - it is in fact already experiencing these changes, and we are appreciative of having been recognized as one of the startups leading the charge to reinvent the industry. We recently published several articles on how artificial intelligence is being used in the investment world, specifically how new industries such as Econophysics continue to push the boundary of our investment understanding daily. Dr. Roitman worked on this article, sharing his knowledge of how the worlds of physics and economics intersect and how our further understanding of both have led us to developing the best possible AI-based investment technology.

Warmest Regards,
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO
Commodities Prediction: AI Returns Up To 13.37% in 7 Days
August 31 |
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Currency Expectations: Returns 88.89% Hit Ratio In 3 Months
August 31 |
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Commodities Outlook: Returns Up To 14.33% in 14 Days
August 30 |
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Currency Outlook: Returns 70.37% Hit Ratio In 7 Days
August 30 |
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Currency Ranking: Returns 64.00% Hit Ratio In 3 Days
August 29 |
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Gold News: Regulatory Silence Props Up Gold Prices
August 28 |
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Get The Top Ten Currency Predictions By Algorithm For 2017
You should also know:

Although there was a recent sudden drop in gold prices after a mysterious trade of more than 2 million ounces of gold on Friday, gold has since recovered and stayed strong following last week’s trends. This unexpected trade occurred 20 minutes before Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen addressed policy makers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. At the meeting, Yellen made no reference to US monetary policy, choosing to keep a tight focus on financial regulations instead. Combined with later comments made by European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi, which refrained from mentioning the euro’s strength and mentioned the ultra-loose monetary policy and the euro zone’s economic recovery instead, traders were given a reason to lift gold prices on monetary policy uncertainty according to OCBC analyst Barnabas Gan.

Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst with ThinkMarkets, believes that, since traders were made aware of the Federal Reserve’s position and the European Central Bank’s position, traders will now focus on the momentum instead. This will primarily involve examining movement which is driven by the dollar weakness. The dollar was recently weakened by the storm Harvey, dropping to severe lows and propping up gold.

Apple's New iPhone 8 Is Coming On September 12th
August 31 |
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Apple Will Be Adding Wireless Charging To The iPhone 8
August 27 | Read More

Apple Pay Rise With Visa And MasterCard Requirements
August 24 |
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Google Money Is Helping Finance Apple Self-Driving Cars
August 23 | Read More

Intel Launches 8th Gen Cores Suitable For MacBooks
August 22 |
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Apple's New iOS 11 Is Focused On Application Performance
August 20 |
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AAPL Stock Forecast: What to Expect From AAPL?
You should also know:

Apple has scheduled its event on September 12. On that date, as expected Apple is going to introduce the new iPhone models, Apple Watch with cellular mode and 4K Apple TV box.

And Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park will host an event for the first time this year. Seems the company finished all construction works in this part of the campus. And carriers are preparing marketing materials now as they were informed about of the September 12th date last week.

Despite the variety of new devices, all eyes will be on iPhone 8, as it represents the first significant design improvements to the phone in three years.

Apple Inc. plans to deliver new way people use future generations of their devices and iPhone in particular, by transforming the concept of a home button and making other changes to a flagship device. It is going to be almost all screen, as at images of the new device viewed by Bloomberg News.

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