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September 10th, 2017
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Understanding Stock Prediction
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This Week's Top Stock Prediction:
Impressive AI Based Forecast
184.45% Return | 3 Months
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Sector Rotation Based Algorithmic Trading Strategies For Stocks/ETFs
Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) attempts to improve a portfolio’s returns by catching near-term outperformance of specific asset classes. A specific form of TAA which seeks to determine which equity sectors will outperform the market in the short term and overweight those sectors in order to generate smart-beta is Sector Rotation. Of course, this type of strategy relies on a model able to successfully identify market conditions which result in the outperformance of specific sectors. Read more.

Our Algorithmic Trading Strategies For European Stocks
We present an analysis of a series of trading strategies easily implementable by I Know First retail clients using the standard European Stocks Package, that generated returns of up to 109% over the time period going from August 2015 to March 2017. The strategies follow the algorithm’s 1-month signals and invest daily in the strongest 2, 3, 4, and 5 stocks (long and short) from the “European Stocks” package, resulting in a portfolio continuously in line with the AI system’s recommendations and thus the evolving market conditions. Read more.

How Algorithmic Trading Combines Noise And Trend Trading
Stock investors are the individuals or bodies that are more commonly associated with the stock market. Investors buy shares of stocks based on fundamental analysis and recognize themselves as partial owners of the companies whose stock they’ve purchased. Investors purchase stock to hold for a long period of time, and, therefore, analyze two aspects of the company: stock value and potential success.
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Is The New iPhone X A Pricing Mistake Or An Intelligent Move?
A special 10th anniversary iPhone is going to be a must-have for Apple loyalists. My thinking is that the iPhone X is a one-time commemorative model that won’t see more versions. Next year, Apple will release the iPhone 8s and iPhone 8s Plus. However, my bet is there won’t be an iPhone Xs model. A one-time-only commemorative iPhone with top-notch features which can match the Samsung Galaxy S8’s features will generate more sales than the regular iPhone 8.  It has always been the invidious advantage of Apple to be able to sell overpriced smartphones because of its hundreds of millions of loyal customers. 
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How A Mobile Company Is Moving Digital Healthcare
Nokia has obvious long-term benefits to gain from joining the connected health industry. The Internet of Things healthcare market is expected to grow to a $160 billion industry by 2020. The $179.95 Nokia Body Cardio Scale is just one of Nokia’s bets toward making it big in this fast-growing industry. Bet on NOK like it is a start-up focusing on Internet of Things devices and services. 
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Dear Readers,

The I Know First has an exciting few weeks coming up. Recently, we were selected as one of the few companies participating in a Pitch Run at the FIN/SUM 2017 conference. This is exciting news as the conference is highly touted and sponsored by major companies such as Nikkei and NTT Data. This is another strong sign of how we are beginning to have a greater global influence and how we hope to spread our work internationally to a variety of markets. Readers will recall that over this summer we had a very exciting set of developments in our expansion plans. We launched our customized services in Brazil, for the Bovespa stock exchange, and we are currently in POC's with India and in talks with a few Chinese giants as well. Ultimately, our goal is to offer AI based forecasting for each of the main large and liquid local stock exchanges around the globe, to empower the self-directed DIY investors there through our AI technology, and also to penetrate the asset management industry there. We are looking forward to continued work over all these different industries with our various clients.

Warmest Regards,
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO
Commodities Prediction: AI Returns Up To 21.24% in 1 Month
September 07 |
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Currency Expectations: Returns 85.19% Hit Ratio In 3 Months
September 07 |
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Gold Outlook: AI Returns Up To 5.15% in 14 Days
September 06 |
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Currency Outlook: Returns 88.89% Hit Ratio In 3 Months
September 05 |
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Gold Prediction: Returns Up To 4.44% In 14 Days
September 05 |
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Gold News: Hydrogen Bomb Sparks Price Raises For Gold
September 04 |
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Get The Top Ten Currency Predictions By Algorithm For 2017
You should also know:

Recently, the North Korean government announced that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb and that its tested bomb could be fitted on to an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). This would give it international strike capabilities, a possibility which has worried many country leaders and prompted an American warning of massive retaliation in response if North Korea strikes. The result of this sudden geopolitical worry is that the investors are shying away from riskier assets and placing their faith in safe haven investments. This has been a constant trend over the last few months due to the political tension between North Korea and the United States. Gold prices have now reached a 10 month high due to the increased uptake in response to the North Korean news and investors expect this momentum to possibly increase even more if tensions continue to escalate.

However, certain analysts are cautioning that since this movement is so strongly based in the visceral market reaction to the political tension, the price gold could just as quickly drop back down if the tensions die down. Recent talks by the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank have left traders speculating mostly on momentum instead of regulatory movements.

Apple Joins Bid To Buy Toshiba's $1B Chip Unit
September 03 |
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Apple's New iPhone 8 Is Coming On September 12th
August 31 |
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Apple Will Be Adding Wireless Charging To The iPhone 8
August 27 | Read More
Apple Pay Rise With Visa And MasterCard Requirements
August 24 |
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Google Money Is Helping Finance Apple Self-Driving Cars
August 23 | Read More

Intel Launches 8th Gen Cores Suitable For MacBooks
August 22 |
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AAPL Stock Forecast: What to Expect From AAPL?
You should also know:

A consortium led by Bain Capital has made a revised last-ditch offer for Toshiba’s chip unit worth about $18 billion, bringing in Apple to help bolster its bid, sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

The revised offer is worth some 2 trillion yen ($18.2 billion). Bain Capital and South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix will be responsible for 1.1 trillion yen, while Apple will provide up to 400 billion yen, which is a little over $3.6B, and Japanese banks will give around 600 billion yen in support.

The offer has not been accepted yet, but it is likely that it will happen. Toshiba’s other option would be with Western Digital, whom they have had a rocky relationship and offered $1.9T instead of $2T.

Apple’s investment has the potential to open huge opportunities, as the memory chip industry is on an ever-increasing demand. In addition, Apple products use these chips. That would integrate Toshiba in Apple’s supply chain and probably will reduce costs, increasing profits.

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