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September 24th, 2017
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How Facebook Keeps Innovating
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Impressive AI Based Forecast
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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Hedge Funds
At the end of 2006, a sizeable hedge fund, Amaranth Advisors was taken down by a wrongly placed bet on the weather. The fund lost $6 billion dollars after a mild winter led to rapidly decreased natural oil prices. Hedge funds operate based on high risk, high return trades but this also means little transparency for investors and the risk of one bad call leading to the loss of billions of dollars. Hedge funds are private investment funds that work with higher risk trades that bring much higher returns than mutual funds or other investment entities.
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Algorithmic ETF Strategies Based On AI Forecasting
In the following, we use the daily top 10 signals generated by our algorithm for ETFs to trade the respective ETFs long and short. We rebalance the portfolio of ETFs based on the daily forecasts, thus maintaining our portfolio in line with the market trends identified. We apply two basic filters to the algorithmic signals. First, we eliminate outliers from the top 10 signals in order to control for signals which are strongly out of line with the remainder of the forecast and second, we filter out ETFs which have had overnight moves of over 2% since in this case, the asset has already moved and the opportunity is no longer available.
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How AI Should Be Utilized Institutionally For Arbitrage Trading
Essentially, what arbitrate entails, is if a security is trading in two different markets simultaneously, with different prices. The arbitrageur can then lock in the ‘difference’, by shorting the higher price and buying long the lower priced one, simultaneously. As a result of globalization and currency pegging, arbitrage has become much more complicated to capture in its original form. Many individuals today as well consider other forms of arbitrage outside the financial market, such as drop shipping arbitrage and/or international trading. 
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The Championship Team For Self-Driving Cars: AMD + Tesla
Tesla can keep using Nvidia Drive PX 2 for its experimental autonomous cars while simultaneously developing its own AI chip with the help of AMD. Apple (AAPL) did this clever trick of licensing and using mobile GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) of Imagination Technologies for many years. Once Apple learned enough knowledge, it decided earlier this year to just build its own mobile GPU. I speculated before that it could have been AMD that gave the patent rights and assistance which allowed Apple to create its own mobile GPU. I’m also convinced that AMD could help Tesla with its Autopilot AI processor. 
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Is Micron Undervalued Due To High DRAM Prices?
Those of you who heeded my August 22 buy recommendation for Micron (MU) would have already reaped notable rewards. MU’s price has shot up +21.48% since last month. It also posted a new 52-week high of $36.60 this week, fulfilling my prediction in August that Micron’s stock can breach $35 before 2017 ends. Micron will do is Q4 FY2017 earnings report next week. The general bullish sentiment for Micron is justified. DRAMeXchange reported last September 20 that DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) supply will remain tight until 2018. 
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Dear Readers,

I Know First was recently selected to present at the Fintech Summit 2017, with the cooperation of Nikkei, Japan's Financial Services Agency and Fintech Association of Japan. The goal of the Fintech Summit Week is to contribute to the promotion of open innovation in the Japanese economy. Fintech is making financial services more accessible and convenient across the globe. Moreover, with the advent of core technologies such as blockchain, Fintech has become about more than just purely finance and is now having an impact on business methodology and lifestyles. I Know First was one of the companies represented at the Summit, along with various large banks, institutions, founders of start-up companies, and industry experts. The I Know First presentation included a breakdown on the artificial intelligence based algorithmic forecasting solutions we have developed for the capital markets. Fintech summit marks just the beginning of an active effort of our expansion to the Japanese market. As readers will know, we have achieved success with similar strategies in the Brazilian market and expect to the same for Japan.

Warmest Regards,
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO
Currency Prediction: AI Returns Up To 85.19% Hit Ratio in 1 Month
September 19 |
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Gold News: Gold Price Hits Two And A Half Week Low
September 18 |
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Gold Prediction: AI Returns Up To 5.24% in 3 Months
September 17 |
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Gold Prices Prediction: AI Returns Up To 3.90% in 1 Month
September 14 |
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Currency Prediction: Returns 69.23% Hit Ratio In 3 Months
September 14 |
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Commodity Prediction: AI Returns Up To 10.24% in 1 Month
September 13 |
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Get The Top Ten Currency Predictions By Algorithm For 2017
You should also know:

In light of the recent easing up in political tensions, gold prices have turned to other factors to be dependent on. Although there is still a climate of unease, there have been no recent political escalations, hence, gold looks to now trade mostly on momentum and the dollar. Prices have hit a new 2.5 week low, breaking past the support level of $1320. This decrease comes ahead of an upcoming Federal Reserve meeting. Although there is no Federal rate increase predicted for the month of September, investors are looking for signals of when the Fed will begin to shrink its balance sheet. Many traders believe that the U.S. economy will not accelerate at this moment, which will keep interest rates manageable and maintain the support for gold. Investors maintain caution, however, in the face of the Federal Reserve’s meeting on monetary policy coming this week.

On the other hand, many traders are currently using the dollar to the yen as an indicator for gold, it is the pivot currency for signals on gold’s direction. The dollar has continued to gain against the yen and remains strong, leading investors to leave the safe haven of gold in exchange for the more volatile dollar. Furthermore, the overall stock market has been performing strongly recently, in general leading people away from gold, thus contributing to the price decreases. Analysts, however, believe gold is stable for now, although it may drop below the $1300 mark in the short term.

Apple Special Event Launches Four New Products
September 17 |
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Apple Began Developing A11 Chip In Parallel With A8 Chip
September 17 |
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Apple's New iPhone X Will Have Many Eager Buyers
September 11 |
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Apple Might Be On The Way To A Trillion Dollar Value Company
September 10 |
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New Steve Jobs Theater Hosts Its Very First Apple Event
September 05 | Read More

Apple Joins Bid To Buy Toshiba's $1B Chip Unit
September 03 |
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AAPL Stock Forecast: What to Expect From AAPL?
You should also know:

Apple Special Event launched four new products. Firstly, Apple introduced the new generation of iPhone. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have an all-new glass design, water resistance, an updated camera, wireless charging and the iOS 11 version.

Furthermore, Apple announced its most premium iPhone X with an all screen display, all-new design and wireless charging as in the iPhones 8 and 8 Plus. Another new feature in iPhone X is the TrueDepth Camera. It consist in a sophisticated technology based on specific machine learning algorithms. This artificial intelligence engine include sensors which enable Face ID recognition, Animojis and augmented reality apps.

In addition, Apple has also launched the Apple TV 4K which allows you to watch movies and shows in 4K HDR quality and the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular connectivity.

Hence, Apple again proved to revolutionize the industry.

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