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October 9th, 2017
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An AI Algorithm Just Recommended A Sell On Facebook, Now What?
AIERA’s AI algorithm was likely coded to be cautious on high-flying tickers like FB. It is true that FB’s YTD gain this year is already almost 50%. FB’s valuation is now so high that it now has a P/S ratio of 14.89 and P/B of 7.51. A robot analyst programmed to play it safe will automatically flag FB as a sell because it was already “overvalued.” AIERA also doesn’t seem to understand that Facebook’s rapid rise in valuation is due to its status as the only platform that matters for social marketing/advertising. Facebook’s 5-year annual sales growth is 49.42% and its 5-year EPS growth is 62.06%. Read more.

Nvidia's Prospects Are Booming And The Company Remains Solid
Despite all the growing competition in the AI sector, NVDA is still firmly in the driver’s seat of this industry, investing in product development and working hard to grow its ecosystem and partner base. At the Beijing developers conference, the company made some announcements that highlighted its lead in the deep learning market. First of all, Nvidia made a deal with major Chinese tech companies Alibaba Cloud, Baidu and Tencent. It will provide artificial intelligence GPU accelerators to the data centers and cloud-service infrastructures at those giants. The deal consists of a shift from NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture-based systems to Volta-based platforms, which offer greater speed and scalability for AI inferencing and training. Read more.

Is Tesla Now Losing The Race For Autonomous Vehicles?
I would like to dispute the misguided assessment of Barron’s Asia that Tesla (TSLA) is insignificant to Nvidia (NVDA). Barron’s Asia claimed that the rumor of Tesla switching to Intel (INTC) for its infotainment processor and that it is working on its own AI processor should not affect Nvidia’s fortune. It argued that Tesla’s annual car output is so small right now, Nvidia won’t feel the loss of Tesla switching to Intel or Advanced Micro Devices for its Autopilot/infotainment chip requirements. Barron’s Asia is guilty of myopic thinking. Tesla’s current super-high valuation is because investors foresaw its major leadership role in autonomous electric cars. Tesla is now the world’s fourth most valuable car company because industry experts and investors already expect its long-term importance to the global car industry. Tesla’s production rate right now might be low but it will eventually grow. Read more.

Implementing Deep Learning For A Global Finance Revolution
Machine learning trading has become an even more popular phenomenon, especially as traders continue to experience historical precedents with negative interest rates and an evermore globalized world. Many investors believe markets are becoming more efficient, and opportunities for arbitrage are becoming harder to find by the minute. Therefore, large asset managers ranging from Goldman Sachs to Blackstone have begun trying to implement the latest AI-based algorithms in response. “Over the last five years, we’ve seen enormous advances in automated trading technology,” said Alfred Eskandar, chief executive of trading systems provider Portware. “Advanced front-end solutions have introduced massive efficiencies, reduced operational risk and given traders unprecedented access to global liquidity.” 
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What Are The Different Ways Deep Learning Is Changing The Industry?
All of the top tech companies want to be part of the artificial intelligence revolution so they are all investing mass amount of time and resources in order to achieved the best model. Each company has its own specific approach that sets it apart from the others in order to achieve the same end goal, the ability to utilize AI Deep Learning.
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Dear Readers,

Citi Research recently reiterated its buy rating and raised its price target for Nvidia shares. This is because Citi Research predicts the chipmaker will generate earnings significantly above expectations next year. Citi Research is hedging its bets on Nvidia being advanced in its AI work. This is once again another milestone in the AI industry as a mark of both its progress and its exposure to primary industries. Exposure is important because one of the main reasons people are critical of AI is a lack of mainstream testing, data, and exposure. Nvidia is showing that AI can be used to not only drive massive growth, but also beat out competitors such as Tesla. Analyst Atif Malik from Citi Research stated, "We expect Nvidia to grow into its multiple on strong earnings growth over the next three years, and exposure to some of the fastest growth secular end markets like deep learning, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars". For us here at I Know First, it is always encouraging to see other companies begin to uptake the AI technology, since we firmly believe that artificial intelligence is one of the main catalysts in the next big industry transformation, and with more support we can bring about positive change faster.

Warmest Regards,
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO
Currency Ranking: AI Returns Up To 74.07% Hit Ratio in 7 Days
October 04 |
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Exchange Rate Forecast: AI Returns 66.67% Hit Ratio In 3 Months
October 03 |
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Currency Prediction: AI Returns Up To 76.92% Hit Ratio in 3 Days
October 03 |
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Gold News: Dollar Strength Causes Two Month Gold Low
October 02 |
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Commodity Prediction: AI Returns Up To 14.11% in 3 Months
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Currency Ranking: AI Returns Up To 59.26% Hit Ratio in 3 Days
September 28 |
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You should also know:

Recently, gold prices have remained relatively stable and high due to political tensions and fear in the market leading to investors seeking safety in the bullion. However, gold is still heavily dependent on the dollar, and increases in dollar prices have not only tempered gold prices, but also put strong pressure on a downward momentum. This is in light of several factors. There is much speculation that the U.S. is in talks with North Korea after President Trump’s tweet that talks should not continue since they are a waste of time. Despite the President’s negative take on possible peace discussions, the possibility of their existence in the first place has led the market to feel more at ease and not pursue gold as aggressively. This alone, however, would not be a strong enough factor to drive such a drastic change in gold. The primary movement comes from recent dollar news. The dollar has been gaining strength primarily due to expectations that the Fed will raise interest rates again in December. This is a result of the Fed chair Janet Yellen stating that the central bank plans to stay on its current rate hike path. These higher interest rates will boost the dollar and push bond yields up, which will in turn drag gold down.

Several investment institutions have reduced their position in gold as a result. Although this immediate response is still based on future news, investors should keep an eye out for when these interest rate hikes are implemented, as there is strong evidence that a third one will occur before the end of the year and that there are three more planned for next year. Hence, this will directly affect the price of gold through the movement of the dollar.

Apple iPhone Analysis: Which Model Has Higher Margins?
October 04 |
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Apple New iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Can Fast Charge
October 01 |
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Weak iPhone 8 Demand And Sales As iPhone X Steals Spotlight
September 26 |
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Apple Special Event Launches Four New Products
September 17 |
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Apple Began Developing A11 Chip In Parallel With A8 Chip
September 17 |
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Apple's New iPhone X Will Have Many Eager Buyers
September 11 |
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AAPL Stock Forecast: What to Expect From AAPL?
You should also know:

An interesting question is starting to be asked.  Which new iPhone is more profitable-the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X?  The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are similar to the iPhone 7 in terms of manufacturing cost.  Even so, Apple bumped up the price of these phones compared to the iPhone 7 due to the higher storage capacity of 64 GB.  There is also the option to upgrade to 256 GB storage for $150 which applies to all 2017 models.  These facts indicate a healthy margin for the iPhone 8.  But everyone knows the X starts at $1,000 so shouldn’t it have a higher margin?

Maybe or maybe not.  The X model is believed to cost significantly more to manufacture due to the radical redesign.  An example being the new OLED screens supplied by Samsung as well as the more advanced cameras.  Samsung is estimated to earn at least $110 from each iPhone X model sold which could amount to $4B over the first 20 months after the X model ships according to Counterpoint Technology Market Research.  These new screens cost significantly more than the screens in previous models.  The price of $1,000 might not be enough to make up for the additional new costs and could lead to a lower margin compared to the 8 models.

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