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If you didn’t catch it on the radio last week, take a listen to Ir Amim’s recent interview with NPR’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Daniel Estrin. 

As the title of the spot reveals, “In Jerusalem, Municipal Issues Have Political Overtones.”  We’d go so far as to say there’s little that happens in Jerusalem that isn’t political.  That’s certainly the case for demolitions, a record 203 of which were conducted in Jerusalem last year alone.

A Municipality spokesperson claims, “The mayor of New York wouldn't allow for someone to build illegally in Central Park. And it's the same in Jerusalem.”  Of course Jerusalem could not be further from New York and demolitions conducted here are anything but a straightforward bureaucratic matter; they are the logical extension of a deliberate policy to suppress Palestinian planning and building in the city. 

Tune in to hear more from a Palestinian family in Beit Hanina, a professional Palestinian planner, and Ir Amim to understand why demolitions are not only a humanitarian crisis for the families left homeless but also one more threat to a political resolution on the city. And stay tuned for Ir Amim’s and Bimkom’s upcoming joint report, “Deliberately Planned: A Policy to Thwart Planning in the Palestinian Neighborhoods of Jerusalem.”

Thanks for listening, and as always, for your support.


Betty Herschman

Director of International Relations & Advocacy




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