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We are pleased to share with you a recent op-ed in the Jerusalem Post by Ir Amim’s Executive Director, Yudith Oppenheimer: “No difference between the Right and the Zionist Union on Jerusalem?” 

Coming from the Israeli right is the first practical move since the annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967 to implement the de facto annexation of areas in the West Bank to Israel, while at the same time conducting a massive transfer of Palestinian residents from Jerusalem.Plans from the left may seem less bold but have the potential to be equally devastating for Palestinians in East Jerusalem.



As both coalition and opposition parties seek to take actions aimed at rewriting the city’s boundaries and drastically altering its demographic balance, Ir Amim continues to advocate solutions that improve the lives of all the city’s residents and set the stage for a sustainable political resolution on Jerusalem. 

For more on the recent spate of unilateral proposals and their disastrous implications for Jerusalem, see Ir Amim’s recent policy paper analyzing the raft of bills and plans coming from both the right and left, and please help support our work to mobilize Jerusalemites against plans written over their heads and deliberately designed to thwart a two-state solution.


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