In 2017, Jerusalem was in the headlines and Ir Amim - Israel’s longest standing NGO devoted exclusively to Jerusalem in the context of the conflict - was there:


“Trump recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel in reversal of longtime U.S. policy” – Washington Post (December 6)

Ir Amim…

Ministers to vote on bill to annex 19 settlements to Jerusalem” – Jerusalem Post (October 26)

Ir Amim…

  • Spotlighted the connections between proposed unilateral plans and the fate of the 120,000 Palestinians of East Jerusalem left on the other side of the Separation Barrier
  • Connected the dots between Israeli unilateral plans and proposals and intentions to transfer approximately 120,000 Palestinians – 1/3 of the Palestinian population of the city – from Jerusalem while implementing the de facto annexation of some 140,000 settlers from the adjacent major settlement blocs 
  •  Advocated tirelessly in Israel and across the international community to halt plans transparently designed to thwart a two-state solution

Deadly Violence Erupts in Standoff Over Mosque in Jerusalem” – New York Times (July 21)

Ir Amim…

Home demolitions continue in East Jerusalem” – Associated Press (September 2017)

Ir Amim…

  • Put two years of field research and case study development into a major report – co-authored with partner Bimkom – to establish the root cause of demolitions: enduring, demographically driven discrimination in the planning system designed to thwart Palestinian development
  •  Advanced policy recommendations for systemic reform of the planning system to ensure Palestinians have the ability to build and to develop their neighborhoods



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