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What is new, and happy holidays

We are happy to share with you what is happening in Kedma in recent months. We are currently working diligently on the 5th Conference: Being a Teacher with an Ideology! You are invited to join us for the conference, as well as keep up with Kedma on our Facebook page.

We wish you and your families Happy Passover!  למסר בעברית

Kedma News

Ms. Michal Cohen, director general of the Ministry of Education, visited Kedma School and attended the dedication ceremony of the library, donated by the Milton Gottesman family (07/02/2016)


"Being a Teacher with an Ideology!" the 5th Kedma Conference,
will be held in July 2016. Until then, you are invited to listen to what teachers with an Ideology have  to say ...

Click for teacher with an Ideology videos
Please forward to educators you know details about the conference

Mr. Dov Tzur, mayor of Rishon LeZion and education department officials visited Neveh Hoff School on 2/14/2016. During the successful visit the mayor had a meeting with teachers, representatives of the student council and PTA. The discussions with the mayor focused on the recent changes in school spirit: attentive teachers, teaching and learning critical thinking, parents' cooperation in school activities and curiosity in the subjects taught in class.

Neveh Hoff through the lens

As part of Neveh Hoff School photography studies, the neighborhood is a study environment. Sixth grade students tour the neighborhood, with cameras. In the next issue we will share pictures and products of the project. The tours focus on different subjects such as still life, people in the neighborhood, the beach etc.

Child labor: A Lesson Plan for Passover

Our students live in freedom and dignity, without being aware that for other boys and girls around the world, the foundation of our life in Israel, is not evident.
168 million boys and girls around the world are not attending school. They work in appalling conditions!
The coming Passover raises issues related to slavery and work. At our bulletin: Teacher with an Ideology we offer a lesson plan on the topic of child labor.

Gender equality is not just a slogan at Kedma School and Neveh Hoff School

Feminism is an integral part of everyday discourse and practice in  Kedma and Neveh Hoff. In addition to the "feminist" routine, schools allocate dedicated days to further discuss gender equality and women and girls representation in the school itself and in society as a whole.

It's been a tradition in Neveh Hoff that International Women's Day is an allocated day that reflects the current feminist discourse in school. Students of all classes participated in workshops discussing gender equality in school, on TV and in the family. Students raised dilemmas regarding the division of roles between the sexes and the representation of women in society. During the break there was a very enjoyable soccer game between mothers and daughters. The school was decorated with items and artwork prepared by students to honor and celebrate the day.

On 31/03/2016, all female students and teachers at Kedma School attended a whole day feminist happening which included workshops, self-defense classes, and a lecture on body image and self-esteem as well as a watching the movie: "Noble". (Christina Noble overcomes the harsh difficulties of her childhood in Ireland to discover her destiny on the streets of Saigon. A true story).  
The participants received a souvenir shirt: - Revealing My Strength.
Students said it was a wonderful, inspiring and thought-provoking day. 11th grade Li'ell: "we had empowering significant experiences. A whole girls' day helped me believe the slogan on the shirt I got, and really discover my strength.

Is the Katamon neighborhood accessible to people with disability?

Seventh grade students at Kedma School, led by teacher Simon Ben-Yaackov, photographed the streets of the Katamon neighborhood, interviewed residents with disabilities who live in the neighborhood and produced a presentation and video clips demonstrating the difficulty of the handicapped to move around Katmon neighborhood of Jerusalem. The presentation was presented to the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, and members of the City Council on 12.4.2016.
After the presentation, the mayor said he was really moved by the fact that Kedma's students chose a topic that serves society as a whole and not them and their school directly.
The students hope to achieve three goals: 1.To raise the accessibility problems with the municipality, by requesting officials to address accessibility issues in the neighborhood.2.  To increase enforcement within the neighborhood of violations of existing accessibility measures (illegal parking in allocated spots for handicapped, maintenance of accessible crossings for the disabled). 3. To increase public awareness in Jerusalem to the problem of accessibility to people with disabilities.
The project is part the "Responsibility for Israel - 2048" initiative, a ministry of education program in civic studies for 7th graders. Students are encouraged to become involved in their communities and offer local authorities solutions to problems in order to promote 'common good'.

Pass it foreword: what teachers think about our lesson plans?

Revital Tamar, sixth grade teacher Guatemala school, Jerusalem

I teach the materials you send on a regular basis ... I'm thrilled every time by the significant programs…. each lesson plan I have used, left a mark in my class. Thank you!

Noga Libby Cohen, Israeli culture coordinator, Ish Shalom Junior High, Kfar Yona

Ilana, Thank you for another great lesson plan!
The Israeli culture' teaching staff at Kfar Yona is required to teach before Passover the lesson plan on child labor and then to follow with the 'Gender' lesson plan in the context of falling into gender stereotypes.
I've started to teach the 'Gender' lesson plan and the presentation was a great success.  Students that I usually struggle to motivate toward learning were attentive and actively participated during class. It was a pleasure to teach in that way.

Schools' Girls Soccer: Shattering common beliefs

Last year, Neveh Hoff School started a new program: "Sport and society" initiated and led by teacher Amit Butbul. Students met former soccer player Sylvie Jean. A student approached Sylvie Jean and told her that she loves to play soccer, but the boys laugh at her because of it. Sylvie Jean encouraged her to not give up and continue to play. As a result of the student's request, a girls' soccer team was initiated. Adi Stein – a female soccer player is currently training the team. Every Monday afternoon, 15-20 girls meet and train enthusiastically.

Mothers-daughters Soccer game that was held on International Women's Day in school was an enormous promotion and encouraged other girls to join the team.

Many studies support the notion that women's sport enhances self-esteem. Students' participation in soccer at Neveh Hoff exhibit that as well.  Soccer helps female students to improve social and educational skills. For example, a student who was socially rejected has become socially acceptable and active with the student council after joining the soccer team. Another female student, who struggled academically, used skills acquired in the course of soccer training as leverage to gain outstanding academic performance.

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