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new FB groups for our English and Spanish speaking friends

Click here to join our new Facebook group for English speakers Launched a few weeks ago, the group already numbers over 1500. Click here to join the newer FB group for Spanish speakers.


International Women’s Day

From Jerusalem's famous open-air market to the northern Arab communities of Wadi Ara to the residence of the Irish ambassador in Israel to UN headquarters in New York to the US Capitol and beyond, WWP has been celebrating throughout the month this important day on the world’s calendar. Here are two scenes on March 8th in Jerusalem, from France 2’s video coverage.

The number 1325 refers to WWP’s unflagging effort to uphold Israel’s commitment to a unique UN Security Council Resolution from the year 2000, when, in the words of the US Institute of Peace, the United Nations formally acknowledged the changing nature of warfare in which civilians are increasingly targeted and [also how] women were excluded from participation in peace processes. The resolution specifically addresses how women and girls are differentially impacted by conflict and war and recognizes the critical role that women can and already do play in peace-building efforts. UNSCR 1325 affirms that peace and security efforts are more sustainable when women are equal partners in the prevention of violent conflict, the delivery of relief and recovery efforts and in the forging of lasting peace.

“it’s good to live for our country”

Now in its third year, WWP organized a different kind of event honoring those who died at the northern outpost of Tel Hai in 1920 – including Josef Trumpeldor, to whom is attributed the remark “It is good to die for our country”. The topic for this year’s panel, “Waging Peace in Education, the Community, and the Government” was followed by roundtables, led by young women, on the meaning of Heroism and Sacrifice Today. Our event continued with a procession to the famous lion statue and ended with a ceremony for Peace and Cooperation.

a terrible yet life-affirming ceremony in the desert

None of us wanted to be there, and yet there was no place else any of us would rather have been. Over one hundred WWP members travelled from all over Israel to the town of Arad high above the Dead Sea on the tree-planting holiday of Tu b’Shvat in order to take part in a planting ceremony in memory of a 19-year-old Israeli soldier murdered less than three months before while waiting for a bus outside the mall. Although we work day and night for an end to tragedies like these, we are also committed to facing the pain of every loss and to opening our arms to grieving mothers and their families. Pictured above from an interview with Channel 13 News are the slain soldier’s mother (right) with a WWP member who lives in the Bedouin town of Hura in the Negev and who has become a friend of the family. The white banner underneath says “Planting Hope.”

Women Wage Peace in the world

WWP was recently the recipient of the prestigious PAM award, presented to one of our members (right) at the Rumanian Parliament for our “commitment to promote a non-violent, respectful, and mutually accepted solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” The PAM, or Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, is composed of regional parliaments united in their determination to create optimal political, social, economic and cultural conditions for member states. The PAM has the status of Observer in the UN General Assembly.

For the second year in a row, WWP has been invited to speak at both the AIPAC and J Street national conferences held in Washington, DC, each Spring. Although these two groups of Jewish Americans differ in their approach to supporting Israel, both acknowledge the merit of our own: instead of advocating for any one particular solution to the conflict, we work to create a broad and critical mass of Israelis ready to press our leaders to reach an honorable resolution through the full participation of women from diverse communities. Through the efforts of US Congresswoman Barbara Lee, our representative to AIPAC was invited to hold a bi-partisan briefing for women members of the US Congress on the following day. While in the US, she also spoke at Auburn Seminary in New York in a program entitled The Difference Women Make.

filling the country with white and turquoise

You’ve seen us at various WWP events in our white shirts and turquoise scarves (or turquoise ribbons or jewelry or all three) throughout these updates and perhaps in person. Now we’ve decided to wear the movement’s colors for one full day each month, even when we’re at work or out running errands. Please join us! In consideration of Passover, we’ll dress in WWP colors on March 25; afterwards, be sure to mark the last Thursday of each month as the day to wear white shirts and turquoise accessories in solidarity with us.

a woman waging peace

I’m Wedad Zaid Alkilany from Ara in Wadi Ara. I’m 29 years old, mother to two wonderful daughters, and a student in my last year of a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. I also study group training and this year I have spent a lot of time volunteering for the women’s organization Women Wage Peace.

I joined a conference organized by WWP a year ago and at such events there are always women who sign you up. My friend had asked me to join her at this conference. Immediately when you attend activities organized by Women Wage Peace, you automatically fall in love with the large number of women –religious, secular, Jewish, Arab – who join and have a common goal.

You fall in love with this thing and you see how committed everyone is to this and how much everyone wants to reach the goal. You have to go to some kind of event to feel the essence of this movement. Read more

Women Wage Peace wishes all who celebrate Passover or Easter a meaningful and happy holiday – full of hope, full of resolve, full of peace

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