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New Im Tirtzu Campaign against the New Israel Fund

Last week, Im Tirtzu launched a new campaign against the New Israel Fund in light of the NIF's increased anti-Israel activities, including judicial petitions against the IDF's defensive operations on the Gaza border and unprecedented direct opposition to the proposed court override bill.

The campaign began by placing a 100-foot long billboard on Tel-Aviv's Ayalon Highway (along with hanging thousands of smaller posters throughout Israel), and by publishing a new report detailing the NIF's modus operandi in delegitimizing Israel.

"Ridding Israel of the NIF"
"The New Israel Fund funded 310,268,593 NIS to activities against IDF soldiers and Israel"

The message of the campaign is simple: We welcome the activities of non-Israeli organizations in Israel, but unlike other civil society organizations, the NIF has openly declared that it represents the political opposition within Israel and works accordingly to undermine the policies of the elected government.

This is a violation of Israeli democracy and shows open contempt for Israel's sovereignty.

We also published a new video game developed by one of Im Tirtzu's volunteers, which depicts the reality for IDF soldiers who are harassed and persecuted by the NIF.

Over the upcoming weeks we will continue our pressure against the NIF because every second that the NIF and the radical Left are focused on Im Tirtzu, is one second less that they are persecuting IDF soldiers and working to harm Israel.

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The New Israel Fund Against Israel

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The Progressive attack on Israel - new op-ed from Im Tirtzu's Chairman of the Board, Douglas Altabef.

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