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June 14  2018
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Chaos Part II: Creating a Model for Chaos Mapping and Predictions
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Today's Top 10 Stock Picks From Our Machine Learning Algorithm ❯❯
Go Long On Lululemon, Stock Is Above Under Armour

Known for starting the athleisure trend and making yoga pants popular everyday attire, Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ: LULU) has had a great year. After only hitting $90 for the first time in April, the stock skyrocketed to above $120 following the release of its phenomenal Q1 earnings report. Whereas Lululemon has only recently become a force to be reckoned with, Under Armour (NYSE: UAA) has been a mainstream competitor in the athletics apparel market for years. However, the company is not as strong as it once was. So which athletics retail stocks are worth buying? 

Both Lululemon and Under Armour are strong athletics apparel companies, but Lululemon is a better buy. While Under Armour is moving away from its last heyday in late 2015, Lululemon is only growing and getting bigger and hit its all time high on June 1, 2018. Additionally, Lululemon has a clear strategy for continued growth by expanding its online and international presence whereas Under Armour is already such a force that further expansion may lead to cannibalization. I expect Under Armour to continue slowly and steadily climbing in the short run, but in order to see revenue growth return to what they once were the company will need to adapt its strategies and decrease its inventories. At the moment though, Lululemon is slightly overpriced and overbought due to the surge following Q1 earning release, so it may be wise to wait until the price dips before buying in. The technical analysis further confirms my bullish prediction for both stocks. In line with the current I Know First Forecast, UAA may be a better stock in the short term while LULU drops to a less extreme price, but it is worth it to go long on Lululemon. To find out more about how we came to these conclusions: Read More.

Artificial Neural Networks and How I Know First Utilizes Them 
As more and more companies utilize AI (see 5 Fintech AI Companies You Should Know below), more and more technical words are becoming more commonplace. In our forecasts, you probably see us use the term "artificial neural network" often. So what actually is an artifical neural network (ANN) and how does I Know First use them in our forecasts? Artificial Neural Networks mimic the way brains function. ANNs consist of nodes that connect with each other and as movement between nodes is repeated, these connections are strengthened. Thanks to the new technology,  computers now can perform sophisticated tasks that were previously incapable of. 

Understanding the underlying concepts of the stock market, Dr. Lipa Roitman, the founder and CTO of I Know First, then developed a predictive algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with elements of Artificial Neural Networks incorporated in it. The model is trained with 15 years of historical data as well as real-time data. Then I Know First will test the prediction algorithm on years of market data, and validates them with the 2-month recent data to avoid overfitting. Every day, new data is recorded and the system will adjust itself based on the results that it achieved in the past and the new inputs.To find out more about how artificial neural networks work and are applicable: 
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NVDA Stock Forecast: NVIDIA Is Riding On A Wave Of Euphoria
NVIDIA Corporation launched its NVIDIA Isaac robot platform at Computex 2018 in Taiwan on June 4th, 2018. Isaac will bring artificial intelligence to many autonomous machines that will be enabled for applications across a variety of industries. On the day following the announcement, the stock became one of the biggest risers on the S&P 500, with a 2.26% increase to a price of $264.85 per share.

Fueled by the growth of the PC gaming market, NVIDIA invented GPU, breaking the predicament that occurred when CPU started to under-perform Moore’s Law, and redefined modern computer graphics and revolutionized computing in parallel environments. Within twenty years, NVIDIA has taken the lead to advance computing and makes it possible to transform PCs into gaming machines and further develop them with virtual reality. Currently, the computing power inherited in GPU paves the way for machine learning from massive amounts of data and further AI applications in revolutionizing industries. Within the discrete desktop segment, where add-in boards (AIBs) use discrete GPUs in devices sold to higher end of the graphics, NVIDIA takes the market leadership with the split of 65/35 between itself and another major suppliers. To learn more about Nvidia's future and the current I Know First Forecast for NVDA: 
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5 Artificial Intelligence Fintech Companies You Should Know
Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once the domain of fanciful science fiction books and films. But now the drive to eliminate human fallibility means the technology is stormily taking over the world across all industries, from self-driving cars to virtual assistants like Siri. Companies are significantly benefitting from the cost saving from a variety of automated processes. Now programmers and data scientists are setting their sights on financial services. Applications for AI technologies exist across nearly the entire spectrum of business, from algorithmic stock trading applications, credit card fraud detection to auto investment advisors.

Apart from having unique ideas, a successful Fintech company leveraging AI nowadays is the one that concretely imposes its idea and applies the technology to a real business problem. Here we share 5 of the most interesting AI Fintech companies, ranging across 5 different categories. Not surprisingly, each of them has a clear market application and follows a solid business model and hence earns good investor profile and growing opportunities. To find out which companies we chose and read more about them: 
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XO Group Is Making More Money On Couples And Their Wedding Guests

Local marketplace and transactions, the company’s current growth businesses, made up of 74% of the revenue and in total increased 19% year-over-year. It is driven by XOXO’s strategy in continuously shifting from the businesses facing challenges, namely national online advertising and publishing, to the two growth businesses.

There is significant and unique market opportunity in these two businesses. Although XO Group holds a leading position in the US wedding marketplace, there is still huge room to grow. On one hand, the market is large and highly fragmented and hence great market opportunities exist. For the local marketplace, only 5% of a total of 500K local wedding professionals are currently advertising with the company’s flagship brand, the Knot. For the transactions segment, the company is facilitating a smaller percentage of 150M total gifts, valued at more than $10 billion, purchase market. On the other hand, XO Group is uniquely positioned in the market since there has been no proven and efficient way for couples and guests to connect with relevant partners. As the leader in the weddings space, the company is expected to capture more of the marketing spend by local wedding vendors and more of the commission payments paid by retail and commerce partners. To learn more about how XO is monetizing weddings: Read More.

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More Stock Predictions ❯❯
Dear Readers,

We have even more exciting news about our growing presence in Asia. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the 3rd biggest in Asia after the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which our algorithm already predicts. As of March 15, 2018, I Know First finished the implementation and the training period of its AI-based ranking and forecasting model for the main equities listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK), specifically a selection of 640 stocks. On this date, I Know First published the first Hong Kong stock forecast for the subscribed investors in the local Hong Kong market, as the timing of the data feed and the forecast generation was adjusted to the respective time zone. But since then, we've been analyzing how our stock predictions led to returns differing from the benchmark. 

According to our forecast evaluation results, the predictions generated returns greatly surpassing that of the benchmark we have utilized, namely, the sample of equally-weighted 640 stocks from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong held by I Know First, including all 50 constituents of Hang Seng Index. The stocks selected using I Know First forecasts significantly outperformed both benchmarks for all time horizons. These results are yet another vote of confidence in the power of our predictive algorithm and are exciting as we continue branching into new markets, particularly in Asia. 

Warmest Regards,
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO
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Get This Week's Foreign Exchange Predictions
You should also know:

The US dollar had an event-heavy week to start off June. The US dollar surged early last week as the uncertainty about the Euro arose due to political events happened in Europe and the volatility in Asian markets driven by threats of an immediate trade war between the US and China.

On Thursday (May 31), the Euro rebounded as Italy’s politicians seemed to have found a resolution to their struggles in forming a new government. In the same day, the Trump administration announced it was putting tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and Europe, strengthening fears over the trade war and making the US dollar suffer a slump.

The US labor indicators highlighted the fundamental strength of the country’s economy and made the US dollar extend gains amid the Europe geopolitical turmoil. As the US job report for May released last Friday (June 1), 223,000 new jobs were created last month with the unemployment rate dropping to its 18-year low of 3.8%. Besides, American workers’ average hourly wage rose by 0.3% to $26.92 and the yearly rate of pay increased by 2.7%, which makes market’s expectation for inflation higher. The U.S. Dollar Index (USDX, DXY, DX), which measures the value of the United States dollar relative to a basket of foreign currencies, increased by 0.2% at 94.213 after the job data published. The market becomes convinced that the economy is on the growing above trend and is expecting that Federal Reserve is more aggressive on raising interest rate in June.

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AAPL Stock Forecast: What to Expect From AAPL?
You should also know:

Last week, we told you that the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference was coming up, so what went down last week in the San Jose Convention Center? Many of the highlights we outlined in out "What To Expect" article came to fruition. 

The yearly event was entirely software-based this year, despite early expectations to see more hardware-related announcements. The event included all of the latest updates to Apple’s platforms- iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, along with some improvements to Siri and bigger plans focused on strengthening privacy and security and reducing technology addiction. These enhancements to Apple’s platforms were designed to optimize the overall Apple user experience. To read more about the specific updates, read the most recent Apple Stock News article. 

Following the above, AAPL stock grows every year with WWDC announcements. With Apple’s new and improved software, AAPL stock is expected to continue growing in the long-term estimation, as long as it remains updated and innovative. 

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