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Women Wage Peace update for English speakers

 November 2018


We've fasted, marched, rallied and sung together; we've consulted with and been consulted by decision-makers at every level; we've organized hundreds of local, out-of-the-box grassroots activities to remind Israelis that yes, peace is possible. Now in place of one massive action for the year's end, we're turning our attention to

  young women and men, with a Congress designed for them

  national legislators, with a new bill, Political Alternatives First

  first international congress:

Removing Barriers to Mideast Peace

No ordinary conference, this. 

The Congress features a hackathon for teams of young adults prepared to think creatively about how to remove barriers to peace in our region.

Experts in security, sustainability, inclusion of diverse groups in strategic discourse, social psychology, and history will guide each team toward finding solutions to a particular barrier. Outcomes will be judged by a distinguished panel and the teams placing first through third will win prizes and the opportunity to present their work to elected officials and others.

Another Congress highlight: social media marketing of its knowledge
output. All knowledge created during the Congress – including the crowd wisdom of hundreds of attendees – will be shared as widely as possible, in TED-style format, to reach the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of Israelis.

Help the Congress increase its impact. into the future.

send young Israelis you know (ages 20 - 40) here to register
donate to market the knowledge created at the Congress

Questions? wwp.intcongress@gmail.com 

Ready to register? http://www.wwp-congress.info  


WWP’s proposed national law:

Political Alternatives First

We found a pattern that needs to be disrupted. Urgently.

Extending back to the 1973 Yom Kippur War, numerous Commissions of Inquiry after major conflicts have found a lack of systematic consideration of political alternatives. Here, for example, is the conclusion reached by the State Comptroller’s Report after 2014’s Operation Protective Edge / the ‘Gaza War’:

”An out-of-hand rejection of political alternatives was presented unquestioningly to the Cabinet, preventing its members from considering these alternatives and discussing their chances of success or their risks.

תיאור תמונה

We, tens of thousands of citizens, women and men, believe the time has come to create and institutionalize a decision-making process in which a well-established, systematic, responsible, and thorough examination of political alternatives can take place both on a routine basis and in times of emergency; and to which resources of time, attention, and manpower are allocated for the purpose of seeking political solutions, leaving no stone unturned. 

Political Alternatives First

demands that time be allocated for discussion of political alternatives first in the Political-Security Cabinet and in relevant Knesset [parliament] committees
requires allocation of resources for examining and developing political alternatives
includes monitoring and reporting to the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee and to the public

Help Political Alternatives First become law. Quickly.

  ask Israelis you know to signthe petition here

  donate to the bill’s costly but necessary field and media campaigns


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