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December 16, 2018
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Quantum Trading: How Econophysics
Can Help Predict Financial Markets

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Impressive AI Based Forecast
Best Stocks Under $5 Based On AI
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NFLX Stock Prediction: Why You Should Avoid Investing In Netflix

Our last Netflix stock forecast focused on the streaming company's emphasis on content creation as a means to retain and attract subscribers. However, there are other routes the company can take to keep expanding in a nearly saturated market. Netflix has 137.1 million subscribers. This already massive number can grow to 150 million next year if Netflix goes big on marketing a cheaper mobile-only subscription plan.

Mobile only subscription plans have the potential to dramatically increase the number of paid subscribers Netflix has and will be extremely attractive to those who spend the majority of their time watching on their mobile devices. There’s probably more than 100 million potential customers who can only afford to pay $5 or less per month. However, there’s low margin in providing this  more affordable subscription plan especially when Netflix is spending more than $10 billion/year in original content. The stock is currently trading at a premium, and while the company has the potential to gain many new subscribers these profits will probably not be significant and there is no near-term catalyst that can boost this stock to above $300. The I Know First algorithm therefore currently has a bearish algorithm for Netflix. 
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Quantum Trading: Econophysics Can Help Predict Financial Markets
In physics, ‘Phase Transition’ can refer to the physical transition from one state to a different state within the same type of object. Today, many experts explain market conditions through basic principles derived from phase transition. In the ‘market’ the price of an instrument is determined by supply and demand, in its most basic understanding, or buy and sell orders. This principle of phase transition is studied by econophysicists and other scientists today using back-tests of historical empirical evidence found in the market.

I Know First has a state of the art algorithm, that uses Artificial Intelligence and self-learning capabilities to predict asset price movements in the market today. The algorithm also incorporates models and concepts derived from phase transition. The concept of phase transition occurs mainly in conditions of market instability, which is analogous to supersaturation in physics. When one paradigm has been exhausted, and the conditions are ripe for a change, then any small perturbation in the market input, such as the interest rate change, or social event (presidential elections) can bring about a large paradigm shift. Through machine learning, the I Know First algorithm has already developed the relationships between these significant factors and is thus able to make accurate predictions. 
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Bitcoin Stock Forecast: Why Bitcoin Mining Is Not Profitable Anymore
Over the past few years, the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bubble has grown and collapsed. This year it seemed that Bitcoin would stabilize at $6200 as it stayed there for month. But surprisingly it fell further down. Bitcoin is now down more than 80% from its all-time high, having plummeted since the beginning of the year. There are two main concerns about cryptocurrencies. First central banks are concerned about the security, volatile prices and their introduction into regulated derivatives exchanges. The second question is whether to develop a central bank owned crypto currency. Central banks generally like the technology behind bitcoin, but prefer it under their control.

However, the mining of Bitcoin is of course a costly thing: mining a single bitcoin costs on average around $4758 in the US, which is under the value of the market rate for a bitcoin. Consequently, it does not make any economic sense to mine Bitcoin now. Therefore, the supply is likely to stagnate until Bitcoin crosses again the mark of around $4500. The future doesn't look bright for Bitcoin, many analysts foresee a stagnation or continuing decline until mid 2019. 
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MSFT Stock Forecast: How Microsoft Reclaimed The Title

Recently, there has been a focus on which company is the most valuable. Apple surpassed all of the other companies and became the first trillion dollar company, but has dipped down again as iPhone sales have slumped. However, Microsoft has not stopped fighting for the title and became the most valuable company before dropping to a market cap of $860 billion, slightly below Amazon and Apple once again.

So how exactly has Microsoft been working to increase profit and market cap? The cloud is transforming traditional computing and Microsoft Office traditionally a computer based program was forced to change and adapt to compete with the other providers such as Google and Amazon and so Microsoft reduced its reliance on Windows software for PCs and became a major player in cloud computing. Cloud computing has been one of the major areas of growth, not only for Microsoft, but for other major players such as Amazon who has also gained large amounts of revenue from Amazon Web Services. Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue, which primarily consists of revenue from Office 365 commercial, Azure, Dynamics 365, and other cloud properties, captures the extraordinary momentum of the cloud-driven growth engine.
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Stock Prediction Based On AI: Why The Market Is Predictable
When people think of the stock market, they often think that it is too random to be predictable. However, what people tend to be unaware of is that the stock is not truly random, but rather a chaotic system. Chaotic systems have positive and negative feedback mechanisms that give rise to the following components that allow future events to be predicted: stability, memory, gradual change, and sudden and drastic change, all occuring in irregular cycles that can be analyzed mathematically, and some of these could be predicted. Using AI, it is possible to create models of chaotic systems like the stock market which allows our algorithm to create forecasts. And that’s exactly what our algorithm does- it finds order in the chaos by building the relationships between assets.

I Know First utilizes a combination of advanced machine learning techniques in order to get the most accurate forecasts. We combine deep learning, reinforcement learning, supervised and unsupervised learning methods, artificial neural networks, and more in our forecasts and other AI based products.
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Dear Readers,

With the high volatility the market has experienced over the past week, it is interesting to see how some of our recent forecasts have performed. One month ago we released two interesting forecasts for World Indices to Buy and Sell and Currency Prediction for over 50 currencies. The average gain from both indices to long and short were much higher than the S&P performance over the same time period. Additionally, the currencies forecast has a hit ratio above 70% despite the extremely turbulent time. 

The I Know First algorithm creates its daily forecasts by finding the hidden relationships between various assets and indicators and one of the aspects it takes into account is volatility. In our newsletter two weeks ago, we warned subscribers to be wary of volatility as the VIX, one of the primary volatility indices, has a bullish outlook. Our forecast a month ago reiterated this stance while also including negative forecasts for some of the main world indices including the oil index (OSX) and S&P 500. Over the predicted time period, the VIX increased over 15% while oil dropped over 20% and the S&P 500 decreased by nearly 5%. 

Despite the high volatility, there are still opportunities for long positions. Our algorithm recently gave strong signals over 7 days for XPER and AU which jumped 26% and 14% respectively. The machine learning algorithm also gave a 14 day bullish prediction for CORT which gained over 25% in this time. 

Warmest Regards
Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO
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