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תיאור תמונה

See what so many of you have helped us achieve in 2018

and what you can still do...



for US citizens 2018 tax deductible contributions end Dec 31

 two young women at the Congress

solidarity event with Gaza border residents

We Shall Overcome Sing-In on World Peace Day

our Jerusalem rally on World Peace Day

with help from end-of-year donors, we can share the knowledge created at our highly successful Congress by editing hours of video into brief TED-style talks to reach tens of thousands of Israelis and young people worldwide more ably support the new Young Women Wage Peace cohort enlarge our field and media campaigns to ensure passage of our bill, Political Alternatives First, in the Israeli Parliament assist our 70+ regional groups with compelling grassroots actions ahead of 2019’s national elections increase our exposure in all media expand our interactions with women throughout the region train women of all ages and from the most diverse communities to grow into more effective peace activists and leaders
Together, we can make next year a better one.

Mothers Tent concluding event

Inside the Mothers' Tent

Read about our first proposed legislation:

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