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Photo: Tour Guide Ayelet Bar Meir


Spring 2020 will be remembered as a time of change.
We are still in the eye of the storm, but can see clearly the efects created quickly all around us.
Living here in he Galilee, between the mountains coloured now in every color of spring and exploding with life and vitality and the sea, reminding us that storms do pass by and dissapear-
we feel the fragility, beauty and endless power of man and nature.
This time has brought us stronger together, united to keep the Western Galilee stable and relevant.
In this special time of Pesach and Easter, celebrating freedom and upfront miracles- We would like to wish you good health, happinness and strength to see this through and the attention that is needed now to notice the small miracles around us every day, of love, friendship and family.



Our partnership with JNF-USA has been a fruitful one, but it is at times like these, of uncertainty and challenge that you know who your empowering partners are.
As a quick reply to the world events and an understanding of the upcoming situation we have joined the JNF-USA initiative to support our local tourist operators, now depending on online solutions for income in the form of -Jewish National Fund’s Online Mitzvah Marketplace: Shop Israeli Goods.
A showcase of Israel’s unique artisans, their products, and interesting stories
now available to you.
Check it out HERE.


If you can't come to us, we will come to you. If you are spending Pesach at home with the close family, it is no reason not to enjoy the Galilee's finest products on your holiday table.
An online shop for various gift packages of Galilean goods is coming your way!
Surprise your family here in Israel with a beautiful gift from the North. It is bound to make their holiday table happy and tasty.

Choose your favorite package and enjoy the taste, the scents, the creativity and the colors of the Galilee!

Check it out HERE


A few years ago, Western Galilee Now Association decided to bring in Artists and Craftsmen to the Tourism and business field. It created many creative cooperation and it is the foundation to the Space Gallery now bringing on a new exhibition and for the July Art project, allowing people a personal upfront encounter with the Western Galilee artists and their work space. Just before this situation began, we opened those doors even wider apart and decided to bring in our neighbors and friends from old Akko to create with us.
We reached out to the "Lighthouse" Community Center and began a collaboration with one of the children's groups.
Our neighbor from the coffee shop across the Information center, donated his white wall and together with the children and the Mosaic artist Dalit Benshalom we created a Mosaic wall, projecting the children's sense of belonging and pride.
We hope this is the first meeting of many.



We begin our day at Hefer Ranch in Abirim.



Edna and Eyal Hefer’s farm (Meshek Hefer) at Abirim is right in the middle of a natural grove with vast wild landscapes and beautiful roads leading to Kziv stream. On the farm there’s a goat pen, horses, camping space and two cabins, Rangers to ride, hammocks and a self-checkout refrigerator stocked with home-made goat cheese from Edna’s Cheeses dairy, made by Edna. Come visit the farm or schedule a group workshop, Ranger ride or overnight stay – advance booking is required.




The beautiful Mount Adir, adjacent to Yishuv Matat, is covered with Mediterranean groves consisting of Oak, Pistachia, Arbutus and Hawthorn trees. It is located near the Lebanese border and provides an extraordinary view of the Upper Galilee, Hula Valley and mountains of Lebanon. At the top of Mount Adir, initiated by the families of the fallen soldiers, an observation point with a large deck was built by Israel Nature and Parks Authority with the aid of KKL-JNF. The deck overlooks many Lebanese sites where battles took place during the 2006 Lebanon War.

Track description: The trail is well maintained. The walkers get to wander in a damp grove, and through the oak trees in the highlands of the Upper Galilee, especially on Mount Meron. You can also find Rubus canescens (from the rose family), a species that also characterizes the moist grove.



Blacksmith Yuval Telem’s workshop in Matat Village was established 25 years ago. Yuval designs and makes iron furniture combined with other materials. The large statues Yuval created over the years are displayed in the smithy’s yard and between them are sitting areas for guests and travelers. In 2008 Yuval and his wife Mira opened a gallery above the workshop to showcase and sell Yuval’s unique art. The galley’s balcony has a view of the statue garden and of Upper Galilee mountains, all the way to Golan Heights and Mount Hermon.
You can visit, hear about Yuval's Art, pre order a workshop and enjoy the mountain air.



The Jullius Distillery was established in 2008 by Yuval (Joov) Har Gil. The distillery is in Hanita today, opposite an intoxicating landscape, where grape grappa is produced in a German distillation plant and also produces fruit such as tangerines, oranges and etrogs – all production processes are completely manual and natural, from the selection of agricultural raw material to bottling and packaging.

The Julius Distillery is loyal to the principles of sustainability and is one of the few solar energy distilleries in the world. All Julius products are kosher.
you can hear about the creative process, taste the variety of products and enjoy the spectacular taste and scenery.


Pesach is here and we are happy to give you a special family recipe by
Western Galilee Now CEO Michal Shiloah Galnoor for Charoset on every Pesach table.


The Jerusalem Charoset- Michal Shiloah Galnoor- WGN CEO

This is a recipe for a family that has been in the family for 5 generations in Jerusalem (I am the fifth generation, I was born in Jerusalem and has lived in the Western Galilee for 14 years) and I love it and the story behind it, so I found it as an opportunity to share it here.

From Gad Frumkin’s book, “Road Judge in Jerusalem” published by Dvir 1954 – Gad Frumkin was my great grandfather, the grandfather of my mother Yael (Gilon)

“Or LED in Nissan After a chametz test, my father, Israel Dov Frumkin, publisher of the” Havatzelet “newspaper 1850-1914, sits in the dining room already fully trained for Passover, engages in the preparation of the holiday for the holy night, and the children around him. The necessary markers in place of the clay made by our ancestors in Egypt are to educate the children in the mitzvah, their employment in cracking the almonds and nuts and the loz., And in removing the grains from the dates. The household peels the apples and crushes everything in the thin crater, and Dad takes every kind of quantity he sees. The species together, add sugar on them and give them ginger and cinnamon that are not well-refined, a reminder of the grains that were confined within the clay And pouring a dash of wine into the feature, not to the extent that the species mixes nicely, so that is how the first stuff from the chrysanthemum hides him until the next day during the holiday, and is not finished until he turns to the dinner table when he gives a lot of wine and softens the brew. After the evening prayer of the synagogue, some of the synagogue and other associates come up and cover a man’s hand to get his house, and those who did not bring a glass of lettuce with it, and everyone warns Dad to add extra wine to soften, to win them over Letit “.

“On the seventh evening of the holiday, my father’s friends among the Arabs would send him a chametz gift: bread pies, butter and honey as a reward for the matzah gift he would send them during the holidays. And the servants would stand in the alley and the trays in their hands would wait for the stars not to bring chametz before leaving Passover.”


100 grams of ground walnuts

100 g hazelnuts

100 g ground almonds

200g ground peeled ground dates (or date spread)

1 big apple apple crushed

Freshly grated ginger (ginger to taste)

Ground cinnamon (add more to taste)

1/2 cup sweet wine

preparation method:

Mix all ingredients except the wine. Add the wine just near the beginning of the order. If the brew is too thick, more wine can be added.

Thanks and Bon appetite!



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