New Publications on Israel's Regional Foreign Policies

November 2020

We are pleased to share with you the Mitvim Institute's recent publications on Israel’s regional foreign policies, with a focus on Joe Biden's victory, Israel-Arab normalization, Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking, and ties with Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. For regular updates on Mitvim's work, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. To make a donation to Mitvim, click here.


A. Mitvim’s 2020 Annual Conference

1. Israel's Regional Foreign Policies: An Annual Assessment, Summary of the Mitvim Institute’s 4th annual conference, held in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and featuring government officials, Members of Knesset and experts.

B. Israel and Joe Biden's Victory

1. How will the Biden administration approach Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking?, Video recording of a Mitvim-ALLMEP event, featuring Huda Abuarquob, Dr. Nimrod Goren, Lucy Kurtzer-Ellenbogen, John Lyndon, Kevin Rachlin and Nadav Tamir

2. What does the US elections have to do with Middle East peacemaking?, Dr. Lior Lehrs

3. The Israeli peace camp must act soon to leverage the White House changeNadav Tamir

4. Israel, the Middle East and Joe Biden, Former MK Ksenia Svetlova

5. Trump's Mideast leagacy: The good, the bad and the ugly, Prof. Elie Podeh

6. Israel-Arab Normalization after the Trump era, Dr. Moran Zaga on the Israel Policy Forum's podcast

7. Israel must prepare for a change in US policy toward Iran, Nadav Tamir

8. US policies towards Israel and the Middle East, Issue 94, Amb. (ret.) Barukh Binah

9. How will the post-election Israel-EU-US triangle shape up?, Dr. Maya Sion-Tzidkiyahu

10. Will Biden help Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean?, Gabriel Mitchell

11. Joe Biden: The Not-So-New Kid on the Block, Amb. (ret.) Barukh Binah

12. Why do American Jews mostly support the Democratic party?, Nadav Tamir

C. Israel and the Middle East  

1. Advancing Israel-Arab peace also depends on civilian ties, Dr. Roee Kibrik, Einat Levi

2. The turning point for Israel-Arab normalization was in 1993, not 2020, Prof. Elie Podeh, Prof. Shimon Shamir

3. The Palestinian Issue as Ground and Ceiling for Arab-Israeli Cooperation, Thair Abu Ras

4. A win-win approach for Israelis and Palestinians is the two-state solution, Nadav Tamir

5. Israel-Arab normalization brings new challenges for the Palestinians, Dr. Ido Zelkovitz

6. The Abraham Accords and the future of Israel-Gulf relations,Video recording of an ISPI event featuring Dr. Nimrod Goren, Aaron David Miller, Khaled Elgindy, and Cinzia Bianco

7. Israel, the UAE and Bahrain: A different type of peace, Prof. Elie Podeh

8. Bridging the Gulf: Israel-UAE normalization, Dr. Moran Zaga on the Tel Aviv Review podcast

9. Mitvim and Trends Research & Advisory (UAE) sign a cooperation agreement, Radio report by Yossi Neser (in Arabic). See also Trends’ press release in English   

10. The history of Israel-Sudan ties and the potential of normalization, Prof. Elie Podeh

11. Trump Is bullying Sudan into embracing Israel, and it won’t end well, Yonatan Touval

D. Israel, the EU and the Mediterranean 

1. Israel and the EU: Enemies, a love story, Amb. (ret.) David Walzer

2. Israel-Europe relations: Taping the potential, Video of a Hans Seidel Foundation conference, including an interview with Dr. Maya Sion Tzidkiyahu (short version here)

3. Israel-Lebanon negotiations: Cautious optimism, but no bells of peace, Amb. (ret.) Michael Harari (see also his interviews on i24News and TRT World)

4. UNSCR 1325 in Turkey and Israel: Can civil society cooperation improve implementation?, Merav Kahana-Dagan and BurcuDeğirmencioğlu

5. The IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2020 is now available online, including Dr. Nimrod Goren’s article on Israel’s regional foreign policies


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