New Publications on Israel's Regional Foreign Policies

August 2021

We are pleased to share with you the Mitvim Institute’s recent publications focusing on the establishment of the new Israeli government and foreign policy apparatus, a year since the normalization agreements, and various developments in the regional and international spheres. These publications include monthly reports on Israel’s foreign policy, policy papers, conference recordings and media interviews, and opinion pieces and commentaries. For regular updates on the Institute's activities, visit our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. 

A. Periodicals

1. Trends in Israel’s Regional Foreign Policies, January to June 2021, Dr. Roee Kibrik.

2. The Diplomatic Report: July Review of Israel’s Regional Foreign Policies, Dr. Roee Kibrik.

3. US Policies towards Israel and the Middle East: June, July and August Reviews, Gall Olle Sigler.

B. Israel's Foreign Policy in Time of Crisis

1. The Defeat Between the Wars: Time for Diplomacy to Lead, Dr. Gil Murciano.

2. There’s no military nor public diplomacy solution, Nadav Tamir.

3.Assessing Operation Guardian of the Walls: Did it change any opinions?, Prof. Elie Podeh.

C. Israel’s New Government and Foreign Policy

1. WATCH: A New Day for Israeli Foreign Policy? A special briefing by Mitvim’s experts.

2. Israel’s New Government; Initial Commentary by Experts at the Mitvim Institute.

3. Lapid overturns central pillar of Netanyahu foreign policy, Dr. Nimrod Goren.

4. Four memorable lies in Netanyahu’s legacy of falsehoods, Prof. Elie Podeh.

5. Now that we’re rid of Trump and Bibi, what’s next?, Nadav Tamir.

6. A little friendly advice for Bennett and Lapid, Amb. (ret.) Michael Harari.

7. How will Israel’s foreign policy change with the new government?, Dr. Nimrod Goren.

8. Climate policy is the entry ticket into the new world order, Dr. Roee Kibrik.

9. Netanyahu’s political ambassadorial appointees should resign, Dr. Nimrod Goren, Nadav Tamir.

10. Women in Israel’s key decision-making posts: Not just numbers, Merav Kahana-Dagan.

11. LISTEN: Mitvim President, Dr. Nimrod Goren, interviewed by Al Jazeera on Israel’s new government.

12. The New Israeli Government: A Real Turning Point?, Dr. Nimrod Goren, others.

D. Israel and the Palestinians

1. LISTEN: Israel Policy Forum’s Policy Pod featuring Ksenia Svetlova, Israel-Middle East Relations Program Director, on Israel-Palestinian Authority Relations.

2. Gabi Ashkenazi should meet with Palestinian leaders in Ramallah, Dr. Nimrod Goren.

3. Solving the issue of a divided Jerusalem, Dr. Lior Lehrs.

4. Israel’s ‘divide and conquer’ Palestinian policy does not serve its interests, Ksenia Svetlova.

5. Palestinian Authority Faces Severe Financial Crunch as Bills Go Unpaid, Ksenia Svetlova.

6. Israel’s reconsideration of PA ties may be too little, too late, Ksenia Svetlova.

7. The dangerous game of the Jerusalem flag march, Dr. Lior Lehrs.

E. Israel and the Middle East

1. WATCH: The Climate Crisis as a Foreign Policy Issue: Israeli Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation, in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and EcoPeace.

2. With Netanyahu gone, the Abraham Accords will not only survive, they might even flourish, Dr. Nimrod Goren.

3.Israel cannot afford to ignore Jordan any longer, Ksenia Svetlova.

4. Israel should induce a regional agenda for Israel-Morocco ties, Dr. Nimrod Goren.

5. Is Egypt back in the Arab driver’s seat?, Prof. Elie Podeh.

6. As Israel and Jordan face an environmental squeeze, they must rebuild trust ,Gabriel Mitchell.

7. Integration into the Middle East? Let’s see you pull it off, Lapid, Prof. Elie Podeh.

F. Israel, Europe and the Mediterranean Basin

1. WATCH: Our conference on Renewed Partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood: Implications for Israel, in partnership with Freidrich Ebert Stiftung, IASEI, and the Israel-European Union Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2. LISTEN: Maya Sion-Tzidkiyahu, Director of the Israel-Europe Program, on Minister of Foreign Affairs Lapid’s visit to Brussels for KAN Radio English.

3. Major Potential in the Israel-Cyprus Friendship; From the “Israel and the Mediterranean” Working Group Summary, Dr. Roee Kibrik (Mitvim, Davis Institute for International Relations and Haifa University’s National Security Studies Center).

4. Israel-Turkey relations: Time for change gov't to fix ties, Dr. Nimrod Goren.

5. Environmental Security in the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Ehud Eiran.

6. Lines in the Sea: The Israel-Lebanon Maritime Dispute, Gabriel Mitchell and Amb. (ret.) Michael Harari.

7. Greece and Cyprus can play a modest role in advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace, (Gabriel Mitchell.

8. Is a Lebanese role in the regional gas forum a feasible, sound idea?, Amb. (ret.) Michael Harari.

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