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December 15, 2013


I would like to bring to your attention that the upcoming semester of The MOFET Institute's Online Academy will begin on February 23, 2014.

Below you may find further information regarding the courses.

The array of courses offered touches upon the fields of Teaching Educational Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Teaching  English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Teaching Jewish Studies, and Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language.  Several courses will be conducted in Spanish.

Each course is spread over 14 weeks, mostly set on an a-synchronic platform (Moodle). This enables the use of a forum, interpersonal communication with the lecturer and fellow students, and the submission of assignments. 2–3 real-time synchronic sessions, conducted at a time coordinated with the students, will take place via the Elluminate platform and will allow the participants to present and discuss the learning material.

This type of learning framework allows you to make the most of your studies in your free time.

The price of a single course is $250. Upon completion of each course, students are granted a graduation certificate specifying the study subjects.
The price of full program is $1,400. Upon successful completion of eight courses – six mandatory courses plus two enrichment courses – students are eligible to receive a specialization certificate in the didactics of teaching the domain of study, from The MOFET Institute's Online Academy.

About the courses:

Teaching Educational Use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

Teaching English as a Foreign language (EFL).

Teaching Jewish Studies.

Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language.

Courses in Spanish. 

# To register to courses on Teaching Educational Use of ICT & Teaching English as a Foreign Language,  click here.
# To register to courses on Teaching Jewish Studies & Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language,  click here.
# To register to courses in Spanish, click here.

* To receive weekly free professional tips on various subjects, such as: Teaching Hebrew, Teaching Location Based Learning, Teaching Talmud, and more click here.

We offer discounts for multiple course registration. See details here.

We encourage you to enroll as soon as possible to ensure your spot.  Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or requests you may have.


Aryeh Ben-Chayim

Coordinator of The Online Academy
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