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   Women Wage Peace                                            December 2021 Newsletter

As many of you know, we wage peace in two directions at once – from the
bottom up and from the top down. Where and how have we waged peace

♦ in the Knesset [Parliament] in 3 ways

♦ in diplomatic circles

♦ by learning from the courage and wisdom of WWP member Kifaya Ayiti

♦ by taking part in Jerusalem’s Tolerance Week

♦ by standing at traffic intersections throughout the country

in the Knesset, part 1

How many people wake up in the morning and think: ‘What can I do today
in order to prevent a war?

Eran Etzion, a former senior Israeli diplomat and Deputy Head of the National Security Council posed this question at a special conference in support of WWP’s first bill introduced in the Israeli parliament.

Political Alternatives First, if passed into law, will require Israel’s government to
examine all possible diplomatic alternatives before resorting to military options,
both in times of crisis and on a routine basis.

Four years of formulating and drafting the bill in consultation with members of the country’s security establishment and academic researchers have led to support from across the political spectrum.

in the Knesset, part 2

WWP is increasingly invited to legislative committee meetings in order to share our expertise. Chaya Abu, coordinator of WWP’s Government Relations Team, recently represented WWP at a meeting of the Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality to discuss a reboot of the 2005 Israeli law mandating full representation of women in all aspects of national security and peace decision-making. The Israeli law is usually referred to as “1325,” recalling the specific number of the UN Security Council Resolution from the year 2000 on which it is based.

Abu made it clear that we do not see our role as merely commentators on matters of peace and security; we demand that women be fully represented in every aspect of decision-making about these life and death issues. On the importance of reviving and expanding 1325 in Israel, see this 5-minute video featuring WWP members Peta Jones Pellach and Hamutal Gouri.

in the Knesset, part 3

Four elections, three calendar years, and several Corona variants later, WWP members returned last month to the Knesset in our signature white shirts and turquoise scarves. Before taking seats en masse in the gallery of the Plenum Hall, a weekly visual statement of our determination not to stop until there’s an agreement, we met with Meretz MK Gaby Lasky who told us, ”[With your bill, Political Alternatives First] you are implementing in its purest sense the Israeli Declaration of Independence, which calls for extending a hand in peace to all our neighbors." In addition we met with Inbar Bezek and Tatiana Mazarsky from Yesh Atid. Next week we will meet Sharon Roffe Ofir from Israel Beiteinu.

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in diplomatic circles

WWP’s Foreign Relations Team continues to build solid relationships with the international diplomatic community stationed in Israel.

Sweden’s Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Erik Ullenhag hosted members of WWP as well as those from the new Palestinian peace movement, Women of the Sun. The discussion included the role of women in promoting peace and the ability of women to face barriers standing in the way of actual negotiation.

Among the distinguished guests were diplomatic staff from Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, and Poland, as well as Canada’s new Ambassador, H.E. Ms. Lisa Stadelbauer, and the Norwegian Ambassador, H.E. Kåre R. Aas.

learning from Kifaya

“As time draws closer to the release of her violent husband from jail, Kifaya Ayati, who has been brutally attacked several times, looks for a way to survive. She paints portraits of women who have been murdered by their spouses, meeting with their sisters, mothers, and daughters. Indeed, every encounter leads the viewer toward a fuller portrait of each murdered woman and a silent though stinging indictment against a society, a police culture, and a court system that failed to protect them. Portrait, 82 minutes, in Hebrew and Arabic, with Hebrew and English subtitles.” (Citation from the site of the Haifa film festival)

We wish to honor WWP member Kifaya Ayati for her courage, wisdom, and talent as conveyed in this remarkable film by Yael Kiefer and Ronen Zaretsky. Portrait took first prize in the Documentary category at this year’s 37th Haifa International Film Festival and was subsequently aired on one of Israel’s major TV channels, Kan 11.

Jerusalem’s Tolerance Week

As a contribution to the city’s yearly Tolerance Week, WWP hosted an event called “Complicated Identities in Jerusalem” moderated by member Peta Jones Pellach. Despite Pellach's many years of involvement in interfaith initiatives in Jerusalem, she wrote that this gathering in particular propelled her to change and grow. Read about the five diverse and accomplished panelists here and about their visions for a healed Jerusalem.

at the country’s intersections

WWP has a popular project for those without much time to volunteer but who still want to help the movement reap the benefits of public exposure to our messaging. The most recent Go in Peace event took place during Hanukkah with our large and colorful signs illuminating for travelers our hope for peace in this region.

Women Wage Peace wishes you and your family a relaxing holiday season. May the New Year bring us peace.

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