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I Know First Average vs S&P 500

  I Know First               + 56.29%
   S&P 500                     + 21.56% 
* June 28th '13  - June 28th '14
Stock Market Forecast Based on Our State-Of-The-Art Predictive Algorithm
- June 29th 2014 -
ALU, NOK, YHOO, MS, DRYS & MU are only some of the highest returning assets from our most recent 1-year stock prediction. The average return from these 10 assets selected was 56.79%. Since our most recent public stock recommendation on Seeking Alpha, less than a month ago on June 11th, Tesla shares have already jumped 18.17%.
More quick wins: ANF, CDE.

I Know First recently received a complete makeover and we have a whole new website that is easy to navigate but still has all the algorithmic predictions and corresponding returns that make I Know First so popular! Check out our new look HERE.

Today's Number 1 Top Stock Pick has an extremely strong signal of 389.59 and a incredibly confident predictability 0.75 for the 1-year time horizon. These predictions and the corresponding returns of recent market opportunities come directly from forecasts delivered to current I Know First algorithmic traders.
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The stocks below are some of our public stock recommendations on Seeking Alpha (bullish & bearish) that have performed in accordance with our advanced algorithm. Click Here to get see our best market opportunities today. If you would like to read more of our in-depth analyses or the original research by our I Know First Research team the Click Here.
Stock                             Date of Forecast                            Return 
  • Alcatel Lucent (ALU)                  07/22/13                                  86.08%
  • Alcoa Inc. (AA)                           08/19/13                                  83.87%
  • Nokia (NOK)                              09/03/13                                   95.13%
  • AMD (AMD)                               10/23/13                                   29.25%
  • Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)             11/08/13                                   32.00%
  • Netflix (NFLX)                            01/07/14                                  22.95%
  • Microsoft (MSFT)                       02/11/14                                  14.81%  
  • AIG (AIG)                                   02/17/14                                  11.49%
  • Google (GOOG,GOOGL)          04/21/14                                    7.67%
  • iPath Coffee Index (JO)             04/23/14                                 -22.05%  
  • Tesla Motors (TSLA)                  05/11/14                                  31.16%

While not every forecast by the market prediction system is correct, algorithmic traders utilize these daily forecasts as a tool to enhance portfolio performance, verify their own analysis and act on market opportunities faster. We never recommend blindly purchasing assets that are endorsed by the algorithm without your own additional analysis. 

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