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It was a packed week with traveling and meetings with farmers and decision makers but hardly any access to the internet and the time needed for our weekly discussion.

I am in the airport with a few minutes to write and send the weekly message before the boarding begins.


I take the opportunity to share an interview with Mr. Bhuvan Verma, who is doing educational work for the children of India.

Yet, following our recent discussions, I am confident you will find interest in Mr. Verma's questions and answers provided.

You can view the short 1 to 2-minute videos or the 22-minute complete interview. To the playlist STEM TALK INDIA


I wish you joy and regards from Africa!


If you still haven't read last week's column, take the time to read it; it is worth it (link below).


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"Mental and Economic Freedom Are Interconnected."


See you soon,

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If you missed it, here is a link to last week's blog, From 'Start-Up Nation' To Hedonomics - What Are The Driving Forces of Prosperity and Success".



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