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July 6 2011

Daily Market Forecast: World Indices, Top Stocks, Commodities & Currencies

Based On a Predictive Algorithm

Crude Oil Slips | Gold & Silver Are Up.

In accordance with "I Know First" forecast, Gold hits two-week high and surges $20, Oils slips.

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Top Stock Picks For This Week

1. In accordance with the forecast ,PSTI is up by 6% today.

Watch Sunday's forecast for PSTI:

2. PSTI and GT are up by 18% since this forecast, S&P500 rose by 5.2%


3. GT is up by 20% since this forecast, DOX is up by 8%


4. Which stock is up by 62%

?since the forecast


The Technology: How It Works?

"I Know First" helps to identify trading opportunities in the market.

The system is a predictive Algorithm that based on artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and incorporating elements of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms




AAPL Today: Should You Sell into this Rally? 
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In accordance with the forecast ,AAPL is up by 5.5% in 5 days.

Apple today: To Buy Or to sell?

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