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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Delegations at MOFET:

October 16 – a delegation of senior educators from The National Institute of Education Sciences of China visited the Institute. The group was introduced to the Institute's unique model, and discussed issues specific to the topic of higher education. 

November 12 – a delegation from Germany visited the Institute in the framework of cooperation with Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 

November 21
– a delegation of educators and teacher educators from several African countries will visit the Institute. The members of the delegation have expressed a desire to discuss processes of instruction and mentoring in teacher education. 


The MOFET Institute
MOFET International

Dear Colleagues,

Many organizations and institutions worldwide have displayed interest in The MOFET Institute's unique model, and are keen to learn about its underlying concept, the process of its establishment and development, and its various components.

During the months of October and November 2012, several delegations have visited (and will visit) the Institute. Each one of them seeks to focus on one or more particular aspects of the Institute's work, and each one has acquired a program tailored to its needs and goals.

We invite educational delegations visiting Israel to contact us and spend a day dedicated wholly to them at the Institute!

Upcoming Activities

Participation in the following webinar is free of charge, but requires signing up in advance. Instructions for entering the event will follow registration

November 28, 2012
Playful Digital Learning: A Case Study of the "Scratch" Program in Primary Schools

Led by: Dr. Oren Zuckerman, Founder of IDC Herzliya's Media Innovation Lab

Webinar recording for those who missed the last session:
Using Technology to Transform Teaching and Learning
Led by: Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky, Director of Educational Technology at the Frisch School in Paramus, NJ

  Online Academy

We congratulate and wish our new students a successful and enlightening semester!

For those interested, registration is now open for spring 2013 semester. Topics include Teaching Hebrew, Teaching Tanakh, Teaching the Holocaust, ICT in Education and more!

  Study Tours in Israel

March 11-18, 2013
MOFETeach 2013 - Education, Innovation & ICT

We invite educators passionate for implementing ICT in education to join us for a unique learning experience in Israel, including a Study Tour and Mini-Conference

  Content Portal Items

How Do I Improve What I Am Doing as a Teacher, Teacher Educator and Action-Researcher through Reflection?

Author: Jove Gloria

Promoting Teacher Reflection: What Is Said To Be Done 
Authors: Marcos Juan J. M., Sanchez Emilio, Tillema Harm

News & Highlights

The Connection between Quality of Life at School and the Social Skills of Pupils Belonging to Various Age-groups and Diverse Educational Streams

Authors: Iris Hacohen, Mati Ronen
The findings indicate the existence of a clear connection between quality of life at school and the pupils' social skills: the better the quality of life at the school, the better the pupils' social skills. The pupils at the state school perceived the quality of life at school to be better than did the pupils at the state religious school.
Click here for full abstract and contact info of the authors


July 1-4, 2013
The Sixth International Conference on Teacher Education: Changing Reality through Education
The conference affords a venue for a fascinating and fruitful encounter for all those engaged in the preparation of teachers and teacher educators throughout the world.
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